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  1. Please Help

    I fight with all archers I did figure it out finally before I read your comment. But only TH6 150 troops, when you hit this amount of troops the bot no longer works with just Archers until you pass the 150 troop army camp limit. Because I am running nothing but archers on my level 7 base with no trouble and 7 - 10 it works as well. Very strange the bot wont deploy the troops only when your at 150...
  2. Please Help

    I started a new game and I'm now TH6 almost maxed. Now from the time I was TH5 I have been using the bot to help me with no issues. Until the last two days, I cant get this bot to attack anymore at all! When it goes to deploy troops it does this..... 19:17:33] [Attack] This base meets the attack requirements! [19:17:33] [4 Finger] Deploy start [19:17:37] Analyzing potential deploy points... [19:17:39] [4 Finger] Deploying to the bottom right [19:17:39] [4 Finger] Deploying to the bottom left [19:17:39] [4 Finger] Deploying to the top left [19:17:39] [4 Finger] Deploying to the top right [19:17:39] [4 Finger] Deploy done [19:18:04] [Attack] No resource change, ending battle in 5 seconds [19:18:05] [Attack] No resource change, ending battle in 4 seconds [19:18:07] [Attack] No resource change, ending battle in 2 seconds [19:18:08] [Attack] No resource change, ending battle in 1 seconds [19:19:01] [Attack] Waiting for end of battle... [19:19:03] [Stats] Loot results from attack: 137,494 gold, 211,353 elixir, 0 dark elixir, -21 trophies (Only reason I made resources is because I deployed the troops myself...) [19:19:03] [Attack] Returning home... Now I have tried to change four finger to other settings but it still does not deploy 1 single troop except for the Clan Castle when I choose that option. Anyone know why this is happening? I have used multiple Memu emulators that work fine with the bot with my other account. I have also tried different installations of the bot. No Luck, I even tries two separate computers with no luck. Does anyone know why the bot wont send troops?
  3. Any update? 80hrs later since you said 24 more hours after we waited a week and still nothing? What exactly are you doing to get this resolved? Raccoonbot seems to have no issues over there.

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