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  1. signature block

    Hmm I'll have to look into this. What is the image that u are trying to use as ur signature? EDIT: I was able to add the image to your signature. I added it using the BBCode link. It's on there but if you don't like the location of it then obviously you can tweak it yourself. Not sure why this error would've occurred but just use the BBCode from now on until we figure it out.
  2. bot after pc restarts

    Well the bot isn't working after the December update so you will have to wait for a new release
  3. bot after pc restarts

    Here's an online tutorial on how to open Notepad. Then you can go from there. https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/tutorials/notepad/notepad.htm
  4. Update Me

    Hello fellow botters and @gmt As some of you know I have been inactive from this community for a while now to deal with some personal things. Others don't have a clue who I am Some things I have accomplished, others I'm still procrastinating on. I plan on re-engaging in this community once again since I'm at a point where I have some spare time. I still am super busy with work and side projects but nothing too demanding. I'm aware I have missed a few big leaps and hurdles in Boostbot's process. Some things were passed on to me via current botters who I'm still in contact with. However, I'm sure I still missed some good times and some bad times in this community. So get me up to speed what's going on and how everybody is doing! Looking forward to seeing you more! @Double A
  5. Bot doesn't work neither bluestacks / Memu

    Hello mate, After researching your issue, I came across a few things that you can try. Also a more detailed post of your issues would help drastically. Please fill out the mandatory format so we can dig into this further if none of the above helps -> Thanks!!
  6. troops are not deployed

    Hey mate, It really helps the mods if you use the proper format when posting issues on the Bot Support forum. Here is the mandatory format here -> Also, If you haven't done so already, changing everything to English helps
  7. bot after pc restarts

    What's going on mate, You can make a script using AutoIt or AutoHotKey and store that script in your Start Up folder. When your computer starts, it will run the script and do whatever you want it to do.
  8. Invalid account data, please check your username and/or password (or serialkey)....

  9. highjacker

    There are multiple reasons why you could be having issues. Giving more information narrows it down for the staff. I understand that you are having the same issue but if you give the staff members more information about your system then it would narrow the possibilities down. Answer the following questions in the mandatory format and an admin or forum staff ,member will get back to you. Thanks for your patience
  10. Hijacker

    Hello mate, Make sure you have at least NET Framework 4.5.2 installed. -> Download here Also try completely disabling your anti-virus, re-download the bot, extract to your desktop, then try opening again. If it works, then make sure you add appropriate exceptions for boostbot in your anti-virus program. If all else fails, be sure to update your post with more information by using the Mandatory Format Thanks
  11. whered u go bud

  12. bot won-t Windows 8.1 (revision 1839)

    Hello mate, I have moved your thread to the proper section. To get further assistance, Please use the Mandatory Format so that we can further assist you with your issue. Thanks
  13. Bot just skips any bases

    Glad you got it working.
  14. BUG

    We won't be able to help you any further without seeing screenshots. Thanks in advance
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