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  1. Not working

    You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version and Revision Number: BoostBot 7.16.3 Revision 2368 MEmu or BlueStacks Version: Windows Version:windows 10 Pro Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS?:PC Describe the issue below. When do you get the issue? What happens with BoostBot and the Emulator?: when i open bluestack i open the game then i start the bot and i get this C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\Library\My Apps\Clash of Clans.lnk does not exist, trying registry... [07:56:38] Success, shortcut found from registry AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS Please submit logfile with the timestamp for the issue if needed. Please posts screenshots to help us see the issue if needed. Click here for a guide for screenshots.
  2. [TH9/TH9/TH10] 1.1 M


    Bot Version:7.9 Bluestacks Version: Windows Version:10 64 bit Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?:Personal Computer Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English?Yes When did you first get the error?after 7.9 update came out How did you get the error? Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?:Yes Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: sorry i really don't have right now any pics Hello, guys what happened to CocBot after update 7.9 came out my TH8 won't detect and attack anything just wasting money i have over 1M after hours i checked my pc i found that he didn't attack or maybe just 2 or 3 attack and he waste all my Loot , i changed my settings i even change the way he attack but it still don't work he waste money
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