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  1. Request VIP Extension - Old

    I had VIP during the dates 11/5/2016 to 11/12/2016.
  2. This is a constant doubt between the users, some exemple configurations for each attack algorithms so we can understand them... Awesome improvements tho!
  3. My TH11 settings (Barcher) - 11/05/2016

    boring hiiden tag u_u
  4. TH 11

    This is a really sad post to read, this guy is strugling with his configs for a long time now, i know this is not the right section for configs, but just give the guy your suggested configuration of one side attacks here so he can try it. Don't be so hard on the forum rules, he is buying VIP to support you guys, just try and help he a little more than this random generic posts throwing the problems from one to another, you guys rely too mutch in the comunnity help when we talk about configurations, certanly there is a TH11 on your staff that can help with this, comunnicate better between yourselfs. Thanks
  5. How to Set up Specific wall upgrades

    Ok thanks, i suggest you add an automatic way to do it since is so simple, like a selector for what wall levels you want to upgrade, then the software does the math for you acordingly with your storage capacity.. thank you gmt
  6. Hi guys, how can i set up an specific level for wall upgrades? i'm at th9 and i want to upgrade all lvl 8 walls to lvl 9 before lvl 10 ones, but the bot upgrades randomly, sometimes he gets my lvl 8 to lvl 9, sometimes he does it with the lvl 9 to lvl 10 walls... i have set up the "Min gold and Min Elixir" after upgrade to 1million each, but it does not seem to be upgrading acordingly to that... Bot Version? (The current latest version is here, make sure you have the latest version) Bluestacks Version? To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is the only supported version. Download here. Windows Version: Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? When did you first get the error? How did you get the error? Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot:
  7. Bad loot after 7.11.3

    Disabling the slighty dead option solved the problem, but also skipping a lot more now, guess thats what i got for know, thanks guys
  8. Bad loot after 7.11.3

    Settings Screenshots: General: http://puu.sh/nXY57/eae684a101.png Barracks: http://puu.sh/nXY6B/7aab3331a6.png Attack (Dead): http://puu.sh/nXY7u/122fa5487b.png Attack (Reduction): http://puu.sh/nXY8s/72df9b411f.png These are the same configurations i used before this upgrade, that's what i'm find strange, it didn't happened before... Also here are some poor loot bases screenshots from the bot: http://puu.sh/nXYNm/aab32535a8.jpg http://puu.sh/nXYO6/d9ed484ee9.jpg http://puu.sh/nXYOV/daf9175f8f.jpg http://puu.sh/nXYPs/46b15978d9.jpg
  9. Bad loot after 7.11.3

    Hi Guys, after 7.11.3 update of the bot i've been having some serious BAD loots and base identifications from the bot, i'm using the same configs i used before the update. Bot must be having some problem with the dead base identification. i'm getting 30k of each loot when i was used to get 200-300k of each. It may have something to do with the new visuals in the storages how it's stated on the upgrade: "• Resource storages have more visual states to indicate more clearly how full or empty they are" Bot Version? 7.11.3 Bluestacks Version? Bluestacks 2 Windows Version: Windows 10 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? YEP When did you first get the error? After 7.11.3 update How did you get the error? Really bad loot, like this ones: http://puu.sh/nXpyL/0c1e418e8b.jpg http://puu.sh/nXpCI/a85ece4562.jpg Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: YEP Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot:
  10. reply is dead, bring up the good settings
  11. TH9 1200K GOLD 1200K ELIXER 2.5K DE No boost!

    boring reply method
  12. clashbot multi-coc-account support

    Well that's the reason of botting my friend, if i had time or paciente to be for hours playing clash i wouldn't need to bot at all...
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