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  1. Cant wait to see the new bot! Nice work guys
  2. It's been working great with no issues for the last 3 hours, Thank you!
  3. interesting, Are you running BS2?
  4. Try closing your Bluestacks and restarting the Bot. That's what worked for me! i was getting the same error message.
  5. Great incentive! Hopefully you can gather some positive feedback regarding improvements on an already great product!
  6. Am i doing something wrong? when i download the clashbot the zip file contains % symbols in the file name and when i try unzip through winzip it says the file is empty or missing files??? Any help is appreciated. sorry to be a pain, im new to this.
  7. ClashBot dont start

    interesting, it is installed but i will reinstall it again. also could it have something to do with the bot itself? i am having issues downloading it through my VMware fusion, i had to download it through my mac and transfer the file over that way.
  8. ClashBot dont start

    Hello, I am running VM on my imac, windows 7, .net 4.5.1 clashbot 7.10.3 revision 1798 when i start clashbot it opens bluestacks and starts clash but thats where it stops. the bot doesnt actually start operating. 12:08:46] Version number [12:08:49] Connecting to [ boost bot auth 1 ] [12:08:50] Authentication Successful: You are a free member. [12:08:50] Some features are reserved for VIP members. [12:08:50] To unlock these features and support the developers, become a VIP. [12:09:03] Starting game... [12:09:03] Success, shortcut found any help getting this up and running is appreciated.
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