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  1. move on dood GAME OVER HERE~! We on same boat lol
  2. How much time will we wait?

    sad to say game over man we on same boat lol. If your LVIP is not longer than 60 days u can filled a paypal claim. If over SOL
  3. Banned for 14 days

    I can confirm if you use COC on a jail break device even with no xmod on it account perm ban
  4. Has anyone gotten banned for using this bot only

    SuperCell are run by idiots ~!
  5. Has anyone gotten banned for using this bot only

    I have a friend never bot or xmod and I am 100% sure he don't got ban wtf super cell. He say he left the clan and after a war attack and thats it
  6. friendly challange

    Yea would love to see this one Also add and random base selection or choose few layout~!
  7. Regarding Supercell's Fair Play Initiative

    stop if u get a temp ban big deal lol
  8. TH 11

    no bot work great on th10 and lower i farms nicely. however I can't gain any gold in two different th11 accounts. I use 7.11.1- 1902 it gain some but if I ran it over night I will run out of gold I set dead base to 120000 , 100000 On beta 1902 It works some times On 7.11.1 - 1911 you will not be able to farm any golds bot will just keep searching and searching ...................
  9. This version works Good on th10 and lower but for th11 it doesn't work I ran it with 6m gold over night is all gone. The beta version is ok.
  10. TH 11

    I had 6 m in gold ran overnight 74 gold left trophy range I try from 800 to 2000 no gain at all
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