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Found 26 results

  1. skillery

    [Tutorial] Townhall Sniping 101

    How to gain trophies using the bot The problem: Townhall sniping with CoC bot v5.65 is really inefficient because of the poor troop deployment since the bot's logic needs improvement. The question: Why is townhall sniping tedious especially as you approach higher trophies. The answer: Townhall sniping is tedious because of the time it takes to find a base with a townhall on the outside rather than the attacking process. Do we need a better bot?: Do we need a better bot? The answer is NO! The current bot imo is more than good enough for townhall sniping however we just aren't utilising it properly. The solution: At this point you must all be wondering how do we resolve this issue? Well to do that we must go back to the problem with townhall sniping manually.. repetitive as well as taking a long time. However the problem with using the bot is it's attack patterns are not exactly suitable for townhall 'sniping'. Hence in order to get the best of both worlds we go to the search tab and put the filters on only 'meet townhall outside' but instead of clicking start bot we put it on 'Search mode' Tldr; Instead of starting the bot put the bot on search mode with meet townhall outside and do something else until the bot finds a match and you attack the townhall yourself. The obvious drawback is you cannot afk while doing this as you will have to deploy troops manually. I hope this tutorial has helped Cheers!