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BoostBot Upgrades

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    Unlock all features in BoostBot!

    • Ability to Boost Barracks and multiply your loot
    • Ability to automatically upgrade buildings
    • Ability to automatically collect resources
    • Ability to automatically re-arm traps, x-bows and infernos
    • Ability to automatically train troops using quick train
    • Ability to attack dead bases and normal bases

    Forum Benefits:

    • Gorgeous Cyan PiP
    • Amazing Cyan Glow
    • Up to 3 display name changes a month
    • Bypass bad word filters
    • Profile customization
    • No flood control on search settings
    • 50 Private Message Invites
    • 500 Storable Private Messages
    • 5 times the reputation power per day (50 positive, 5 negative)
    • 5 Images in Signatures
    • 10 URLS in Signatures
    • 5 Lines in Signatures
    • Avatar increase to 150x150
    • Ability to hide own topics/posts
    • Ability to bump topics 10 times a day


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