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Found 19 results

  1. kingjabroni

    TH 11 Farming strats?

    Hey guys, I'm just getting back into botting again. I'm a fresh TH 11 who maxed defenses and walls at TH 10. My Queen is at 35 and King is at 30, so I definitely need to farm that DE to get those maxed. Does anyone have any suggestions for attack strategies and leagues to farm in for botting? I mainly used Barch in gold league to max out up until TH 11.
  2. Welcome guys to my newest post! Today i am going to share with you what my last week has been like. I am going to share my new style of farming, and believe me when i say its a good one. I have been running this bot for over 120 hours! And have made over 100 Mill each resource! And over 160K Dark Elixir Comment with your replies, tell me what you think and if this works for you! I am making over 100 million gold each resource per week without even trying! Do not loos out of this amazing give away! Trophy range: 1650 - 1850 Troops: Max TH9 [hide]http://imgur.com/56e7DFJ[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/I9c61a4[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/PYWZZJG[/hide]
  3. Hey Botters!! I thought I would share my settings with you which have been working amazing so far. The screenshot of the statistics will show 5 hours and 30 minutes run, but due to a power outage it does not show the 48+ hours I have been running with these settings with the same results! This will be my first official Clash Bot settings submission, so any feedback is appreciated I started with these settings at 2500 trophies. I have only dropped 400 trophies in my time using these settings. It is very sustainable with the troops used. This is the proof of the Gold/Elixr/DE Per hour This will show the troops used, and when the bot decided to attack This will show you the attack requirements *Note* these settings were tested with dead bases only and four finger deploy. To ensure accurate results, follow settings exactly To finish it off here is the Misc tab for those who are interested Here are some screenshots of the loot I received while using these settings YUMMY!!!!!
  4. Hope you all enjoy and take use of this settings. Rep for future settings and results. http://imgur.com/6II3Dd8 http://imgur.com/Jw88iSb http://imgur.com/asp3ypo 181 million Gold 177 million Elixer 375 thousand Dark Elixer
  5. SirDabs

    Welcoming SirDabs to BoostBot

    Used to bot Runescape, Also botted WoW, Now I've moved onto botting CoC. Really liking the results im getting barching!!! Im boosting barracks, spell factory, queen, and king. http://prntscr.com/bi826e
  6. howardstern

    Need help with DE farmin

    does anyone have a setup to maximize DE farming, im a townhall 9 on the way to 10 and need to set up my bot to maximize DE any suggestions. Right now i just have it set up for dead base only and have it set at 100,000 gold, max TH 10
  7. Sup all, thought i would share my settings that have been working for me lately. FYI, loot is better during the night and worse during the day. Stats: Attack: Barracks:
  8. adamcocbot

    Need settings for Th9 DE farming!

    Hi there, I'm getting towards the end of Th9 and need some DE settings to get my heroes up, anyone getting more than 2k/hour with no boost feel free to share. No Gold or Elixir needed, just DE.
  9. qwert7465

    DE Drill Lightning Sniping

    Hey there, I couldn't find this in the suggestions for looking so I thought I'd post this idea. I've used a few competing bots, but think ClashBot is the most stable and produces the best results. I did enjoy one feature of some outside programs, DE Drill sniping. When there is a dead base, usually the drills are filled up a good amount as well. They are not immune to lightning spells and would love a feature where you would be able to create lightning spells, and set a minimum amount of DE left after the raid is over to potentially grab some extra DE. Sometimes it doesnt pay out because the DE is in the storage, but I found I increased my DE/hr much more when this type of feature was on. Let me know if this would be a possiblility! Thanks
  10. johngustas

    Mucho Dark Elixir! DE for everyone!!

    Hey guys n gals! First post here and I'm doing it for a tablet.. So bear with me. ? I've been working on a good Dark Elixir farming strategy for what seems like months now, to no avail.. So I made my own and decided to share it with y'all. This has been, far and away, the best way I've found to steal DE. 3 barracks barbs 1 barrack archers Attack at 80% 35pix from edge 35 troop wave 2 seconds wait Now I know it sounds basic, but just check "trophy push," and once you hit masters1/champs3 you'll be raking in TONS!! (and by tons, I mean roughly 6-7k per hour MINIMUM.) This setup helped me max my heroes in no time at all. (Gemmed their time for the most part, for warring.) Wish I knew how to post pictures...
  11. chgasparoto

    Steal and run without a full army ready

    Last night I left the spell factory boosted but the amount of DE was too little. In 6 hours (3 boosts) he found only 3 villages to steal and run . Isn't much better if the bot starts to search for village to cast the lightnings without waiting a full army? In this way the profit of DE grows significantly, even more when boosted. My heroes are 30+ and I need all DE I can get to keep them upgrading non-stop . Thanks.
  12. rendygunardi

    [REQUEST] DE Farming TH10

    Hi, now im in th10 wall max, 3 DE Collector max, but my hero not yet. So if i bot in 24 hours my gold n elixir max. I need is DE so i can upgrade both of my hero every week. The last time when the bot can lightning DE Storage its v good i get more than 400k DE every week and i can upgrade both of my hero but now i only get around 150K/week. Does anyone have good DE farming settings?
  13. jpteixeira

    How to farm DE in th 9

    Hello. I'm not VIP. I was wondering how to farm dark elixir. Please help-me with the best config for th9. (I'm a th9)
  14. -Liviu-

    TH8 settings for DE

    Hello, Of course, I can show you some 600k loot (gold+elix), but I would like to ask you for recommended settings for TH8 who is looking for DARK ELIXIR. Please advice, need to upgrade Barbar King and Golem. Thank you
  15. So, i've recently been stacked on Gold and elixir unable to upgrade anything. What do you do when everything is full and no builders available?
  16. darkkhaz

    TH9 Farming Base - Anti-All

    As a new Town Hall 9 player, I tried most of the bases being offered in the internet. Compact Square Layout (those who are symmetrical to each other because the quantity of your major defenses are perfect for 4 side), I also tried Royal River layout but didn't work. I also made a TH8 farming layout where the Elixir Storage are exposed but here in TH9, all Storage are viable for farming. This base is inspired to that layout and the layout used by Top Players in COC where one side is full of walls, and the other side is open. So may I present to you the base: Walls and Traps only view: CC Range (unlurable): This is my main concern when making base: 1st. DE is in the center. 2nd. CC Troops are unlurable. 3rd. Funneling. How is this base effective? - First, your Dark Elixir Storage is in safe hand, GiBArch and GiArch is the widely and commonly used attack strategy to farm storage at trophy range 1800 - 2000, nobody BArch me because I always collect my loots. Plus, before they can raid this base, a TH Sniper will destroy your TH right after you go offline. Let's talk about the Clan Castle Troops, a single giant is not enough to lure the CC troops, 2 or 3? Not even close. They need to destroy either the Cannon on the rightmost screen or penetrate a wall on either bottom or top side of the base. As always, a Compact Farming base can be lured by a Single Hog Rider, yeah right there on Wizard Towers on right side, but the question is "Who will raid you with hog riders?", I guess none. Funneling - Yeah giants are effective against defenses so as a Golem is, this base ensures that the tank heroes may separate there path when dealing with the defenses, For example if the raid started on the Left Side Air Defense chances are giants will pick their own path because the distance between the two defenses are the same, just like in Right Side of the base. Defense focused troops will lastly focus on your Core, where Xbows and Hidden Teslas are located, which at this point the raider now has no Healing Spell to spent with, and their HP's low, Hidden Teslas are effective for this situation because they have the highest DPS in a TH9 base. Summary: Advantages - Good CC Placement - Heroes near Center - Core is well protected - Good against hog rider raids - Giant/Golem funneling - Anti-Pekka Base - Mortar covers all base Disadvantages - Just like any base, this base can be rekt by Lava-Loonion/Loonion raid simply because you don't have that Inferno Tower - Need slight modification for the Air Defenses placement (for me, it doesn't matter, I have never been raided by air) Tips: • Upgrade splash towers first to one hit those archers. • I place my Xbows on ground because YOLO. • Stay in 1800 - 2000 trophy range. Feel free to use it. Regards, Khaz.
  17. beanitoes

    Struggling to farm DE @TH7.

    manually farming DE @TH7, wanted to let the bot do it. Bot Search settings : TH 4-6. Im afraid that when i Put TH7 on search settings, Looting capacity will go down since TH7 bases are stronger. Should I push to farm DE? or continue manually?
  18. ThePashProject

    TH8 Dark Elixer Farming?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if any of you guys have an efficient setup for farming Dark Elixer at Town Hall 8. I've completely maxed my base apart from my king and 1 or 2 dark elixer troops, and my town hall is about to finish upgrading in 5 or 6 days, so I need the DE quickly. Thanks, Pash