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Found 35 results

  1. I can't Login on my bot says wrong password. any suggestions

  2. This is my TH8 farm settings 1 hour statistics : http://prnt.sc/cj77zx Using 3 Barracks (the 4º upgrading) Test vídeo ( 1 attack ) 2:30 Start the attack IN GENERAL Select all BARRACKS 1 - ARCHER 2- ARCHER 3- BARBARIANS 4- BARBARIANS 5- NOTHING 6- NOTHING 7-Lightning (for dark elixir) 8- NOTHING The troops capacity is 90% ATTACK Select option ONLY DEAD BASES END BATTLE IF NO RESOURCE CHANGE in 10 seconds remove the option and star Return every 20 bases skip base delay is 2 - 5 seconds FIND DEAD TAB Minimum Gold : 200.000 Minimum Elixir : 200.000 Minimum Dark Elixir : 0 Maximum TH : 11 Select the option ( NEED ALL ) Use the algorithm Select : Four Finger Deploy DEPLOY SETTINGS Size of each troops wave = 53 Delay = 3.5 seconds Lightning drills min level = 3 Use King size ant-trap = 2% MISC TROPHY RANGE 1000-1600 Use the anti-ban TAB IF have a "Correct symbol" in GREEN COLOR it's ok IF have a "wrong symbol" in RED COLOR, click in this symbol
  3. Th9 no vip trophy push settings pls? No one? Would be super awesome to find some!
  4. Hi everybody, I'm just here to ask you some questions and to have your opinion about my situation. So I am TH9, it is maxed, even my walls level 10 from 2 days now, but it is missing only my heroes .. My king is level 21 and my queen is level 22. My troops are maxed too, I can only upgrade my dark elixir troops (lava hound 1 ; minion 2 ; valkirye 1 ; golem 3 ; witch and hog rider maxed) and my dark elixir spells (poison 2 ; earthquake 1 ; haste 1 ; skeleton maxed) . So I can't use my ressources (gold and elixir) anymore .. I just need a lot of dark elixir to upgrade my heroes and my DE troops. So I'm looking for the best way to farm DE with or without the bot, I need the more efficient way to do it. I know that I can use the clashbot, but there is one problem. This problem is that the bot make a lot of gold and elixir per hour, and I don't need this, I can't use it. So I'm asking me "What are you not upgrading to TH10 ?" I could let the bot run, making a lot of DE for my heroes, meanwhile, making a lot of gold and elixir for my buildings. I'm really lost, I don't know what I am supposed to do now. Plus, I'm in love with the bot, but I hate running it on my laptop 24/7.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a newbie in bots and found out about boostbot and really like it. I wanted to know, what's the best TH9 and 10 farming and pushing settings? Also, how can I get addons for my bot? Thanks!
  6. John Scott

    Loot since 1/26 Update

    Anyone having luck at TH 10-11 since the update. Before the update i was doing 400-500k an hour which was enough to keeo all 3 heroes going, 2 defenses and research now I cant seem to gain anything but DE. Let us help each other find the loot and grow together.
  7. NEW UPDATE 26.12. !! NEW 1716 SUPPORTED Changelog: attack options: [hide] [/hide] barrack options: [hide] [/hide] misc options: (OPTIONAL SETTINGS !) [hide] [/hide] troops level: [hide] Barbs level 6 Archer level 6 minions level 3 Queen(5) + King(7) [/hide] screenshots: UPVOTE, IF YOU LIKED MY GUIDE. <3
  8. [TH8 - ONLY] 1.400.00 G & 2.500K DE PER HOUR (BOOSTED) UPDATE [14/01/2016] Think about how many town hall you went and who were with 95k or 99k , as all botters are putting to steal only 100k or 110k of gold , thinking about it , we will take take advantage of it. Trophy = 900~1100 Thx For ALL Jjunior
  9. vieira artur

    problem in the farm

    staff need assistance my bot ta not canceling the attack that ends the army , and when it falls the net or have an update in the game he did not come di new already been going on it a few days and already lost several nights need support farm. ..thank you
  10. I can't fine a suitable BOT settings after the recent update, nothing seems to be working efficiently. PLEASE HELP!
  11. I need setups in th10, i'm a new th10 and need help is so difcult to farm after this update!!
  12. staixo

    For FARM destroy TH

    hello i was thinking : does it will be great if the bot have a setting for detect TH outside and big loot in the TH ? Is it possible ? thanks
  13. Pessoal, alguém aí tem boas configurações para cv 11??? coloquei uma aqui que tem em um dos tópicos aí mas só sobe elixir, ouro não sobe nada... alguém ai tá conseguindo farmar pelo menos mais ou menos????
  14. Message me for info. I will be accepting those who have been active or have been users of this community for pretty long (more than just a few weeks) All are welcome, any level. Troop levels do not matter. Village level doesn't matter. This is a very chill laid back clan. As well as botters, this clan also has regular players, to lower risk of exposure. No donation requirements. Donate Arch Barb, the occasional Giant. Any Dark Troops. The default is archers. No need to respect the clan troop request, just give them archers. War is optional, and always just for fun. Again, very laid back. Remember, no talking about the bot in the chat or ever at all. If you do, it is an instant boot. Thanks You must request/donate 24/7 if VIP. Slots are filling up, but still many are available. If you are interested in joining, please leave your level and Barch levels below. Thanks Message me for info in the clan. I am working 9-5, but will be able to respond occasionally at work, but mostly after work. Thanks Clash on!
  15. I believe that all users are in trouble, we need a proper configuration, so that bot has its high standard of quality we had before upgrading I tried different types of configuration, I think everyone needs to work settings
  16. muriloribeiro

    Problem HELP ME !!!

    What is it ??? some adm can help me ??? [00:15:27] Version number [00:15:30] Connecting to [ boost bot auth 1 ] [00:15:34] Connecting to [ boost fallback a ] [00:15:35] Authentication Successful: You are a premium member. [00:15:35] Enjoy the premium features. [00:15:35] Exception in Attach: Falha de WaitForInputIdle. Isso pode ser causado pela ausência de uma interface gráfica no processo. [00:15:38] Exception in Attach: Falha de WaitForInputIdle. Isso pode ser causado pela ausência de uma interface gráfica no processo. [00:15:41] Exception in Attach: Falha de WaitForInputIdle. Isso pode ser causado pela ausência de uma interface gráfica no processo. [00:15:44] Exception in Attach: Falha de WaitForInputIdle. Isso pode ser causado pela ausência de uma interface gráfica no processo. [00:15:47] Exception in Attach: Falha de WaitForInputIdle. Isso pode ser causado pela ausência de uma interface gráfica no processo.
  17. ieatdapho

    [TH7] 1.7M+/hr

    Hey been looking around the forum and haven't seen much info on th7 farming settings, so here's what I've got to share with you guys! http://imgur.com/gKt8OwH If you guys are interested about my settings just comment below.
  18. muriloribeiro

    Settings for Farm. Help TH9

    Anyone know of any good configuration to farm in full th9 troops ands which alloy is good to stay? or amount of trophies. I'm going through difficulties to use the bot after updating the clash, this very bad to farm. HELP ME please.
  19. xPink

    Dark Elixir Settings???

    Is there any dark farm to setting in Th9? I've looked at various places and can not find. Thanks
  20. Sup all, thought i would share my settings that have been working for me lately. FYI, loot is better during the night and worse during the day. Stats: Attack: Barracks:
  21. Hello Since few day, I have the TH9 but, with clashbot 7.8.2, I won only 364 000- 400 000 Gold and 250 000-300 000 elixir per hour. I use barbare and archer, troop capacity at 100%. What can I modify to farm and win 1M/hour ? Attack requirement : NORMAL BASE : Gold : 100 000 Elixir : 100 000 Max TH : 7 DEAD BASE : Gold : 100 000 Elixir : 100 000 Max TH : 10 4 side attack Use queen and king It's normal that I win only 400 000Gold per hour with this ?? (I'm french so, sorry for my bad english ^^) Thanks for your help
  22. My Bot worked fine till few days ago. I am now TH7, just updated, and the bot is getting only around 25k gold and elixir every attack, and sometimes even less than 1k each. I attack with barbs and archers, 100% capacity, 100k gold 80k elixir, 40 units wave 2secs delay, I am around 1050 trophies, attacking only TH7 or less. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Thanks for the help
  23. Please I would like to ask for add Townhall snipe for regular farm. Deploy some troop on the TH, and after start normal attack..