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Found 25 results


    700k gold/hr TH10 settings

    I am about half way through TH10 with Max barch. have used this for like 5 days and I'm getting in between 600k and 700k gold per hour, same amount elix and about 1500 DE. Usually about 25 skips per attack. Below is settings in each tab, if I don't mention something that means it's off or blank. General collect resources Build troops attack Maintain trophy range QuickTrain Army1 (90 barb, 150 arch) Attack at 92% Boost disabled Attack minimum gold: 100k minimum elix: 0 minimum de: 0 Only dead bases Four finger Use king and queen Troop wave: 35 Delay: 1.5s End battle if not change in 10s and star Misc Trophy range: 1900-1600
  2. kingjabroni

    TH 11 Farming strats?

    Hey guys, I'm just getting back into botting again. I'm a fresh TH 11 who maxed defenses and walls at TH 10. My Queen is at 35 and King is at 30, so I definitely need to farm that DE to get those maxed. Does anyone have any suggestions for attack strategies and leagues to farm in for botting? I mainly used Barch in gold league to max out up until TH 11.
  3. ------------------------------------------------ TH 8 Build Statistics ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ TH 9 Build Statistics ------------------------------------------------ [hide] ------------------------------------------------ Standart Settings ------------------------------------------------ [/hide]
  4. This is my TH8 farm settings 1 hour statistics : http://prnt.sc/cj77zx Using 3 Barracks (the 4º upgrading) Test vídeo ( 1 attack ) 2:30 Start the attack IN GENERAL Select all BARRACKS 1 - ARCHER 2- ARCHER 3- BARBARIANS 4- BARBARIANS 5- NOTHING 6- NOTHING 7-Lightning (for dark elixir) 8- NOTHING The troops capacity is 90% ATTACK Select option ONLY DEAD BASES END BATTLE IF NO RESOURCE CHANGE in 10 seconds remove the option and star Return every 20 bases skip base delay is 2 - 5 seconds FIND DEAD TAB Minimum Gold : 200.000 Minimum Elixir : 200.000 Minimum Dark Elixir : 0 Maximum TH : 11 Select the option ( NEED ALL ) Use the algorithm Select : Four Finger Deploy DEPLOY SETTINGS Size of each troops wave = 53 Delay = 3.5 seconds Lightning drills min level = 3 Use King size ant-trap = 2% MISC TROPHY RANGE 1000-1600 Use the anti-ban TAB IF have a "Correct symbol" in GREEN COLOR it's ok IF have a "wrong symbol" in RED COLOR, click in this symbol
  5. Hey Botters!! I thought I would share my settings with you which have been working amazing so far. The screenshot of the statistics will show 5 hours and 30 minutes run, but due to a power outage it does not show the 48+ hours I have been running with these settings with the same results! This will be my first official Clash Bot settings submission, so any feedback is appreciated I started with these settings at 2500 trophies. I have only dropped 400 trophies in my time using these settings. It is very sustainable with the troops used. This is the proof of the Gold/Elixr/DE Per hour This will show the troops used, and when the bot decided to attack This will show you the attack requirements *Note* these settings were tested with dead bases only and four finger deploy. To ensure accurate results, follow settings exactly To finish it off here is the Misc tab for those who are interested Here are some screenshots of the loot I received while using these settings YUMMY!!!!!
  6. Hope you all enjoy and take use of this settings. Rep for future settings and results. http://imgur.com/6II3Dd8 http://imgur.com/Jw88iSb http://imgur.com/asp3ypo 181 million Gold 177 million Elixer 375 thousand Dark Elixer
  7. SirDabs

    Welcoming SirDabs to BoostBot

    Used to bot Runescape, Also botted WoW, Now I've moved onto botting CoC. Really liking the results im getting barching!!! Im boosting barracks, spell factory, queen, and king. http://prntscr.com/bi826e
  8. costis

    TH11 loot strategy

    Hey all, After trying multiple strategies I fail to get any elixir at all. I'm currently botting with Giant Barchers at 800-1200 trophy range getting enough gold (300-400k/h) but the elixir is dropping crazy. As a result I wake up with 0 elixir and a couple of million gold. Any chance you may have a better strategy to try? What I tried up to now is: deafult th11 settings barchers - dead bases only - is a no go too many skips (300+) no dead bases whatsoever json from the forum here : giant barchers - normal bases - one side deploy elixir dropping crazy can someone share his settings for milking? does it work? anxiously waiting for some light in the shadows. Thanks
  9. 760k Gold and Elixir an hour. 1.7k Dark Elixir an hour 2 days 21 hour run time. Statistics: It says 754k an hour, but if you take the Total Attack Resources and divide that by the hours it was running, you get 760k an hour. Barracks: Reason i only have one barracks set to Barbarian is to make it so the wave that is sent out first(the barbarians) the morter fire only hits 1 unit at a time. It mostly works Lol. Just something i tried out and seemed to do well. Attack: Pretty basic right there. 65k elixir gives me back the cost it took to make the troops.(plus extra) Misc settings: Basic settings. Here is a bonus video link and screen shot of the outcome. There are more i could make videos of. This one just happened to be availible to record right away. https://www.dropbox.com/s/47msk3hmory5akt/2016-02-03_12-31-29.mp4?dl=0 Hidden content exposed now, Because f*** going through a bunch of ty's. If you have some feedback about my setting please share it. Also ty for all the ty's even though they were just to see it
  10. Hey guys, I'm a newbie in bots and found out about boostbot and really like it. I wanted to know, what's the best TH9 and 10 farming and pushing settings? Also, how can I get addons for my bot? Thanks!
  11. So i just found out the best Settings for me since the Farming Update (Th11 , Dead bases etc). Right now I'm making 2,1 - 2,5 Million of both per hour boosted. Without Boost it's around 800k -1,1 Million. [hide][/hide] I know it's just a hour and it can vary but i farmed over 8H and got the same result. The loot is around 2,1- 2,5 Million as i said. I gonna release the Settings when there is enough interest. Kind regards
  12. NEW UPDATE 26.12. !! NEW 1716 SUPPORTED Changelog: attack options: [hide] [/hide] barrack options: [hide] [/hide] misc options: (OPTIONAL SETTINGS !) [hide] [/hide] troops level: [hide] Barbs level 6 Archer level 6 minions level 3 Queen(5) + King(7) [/hide] screenshots: UPVOTE, IF YOU LIKED MY GUIDE. <3
  13. [TH8 - ONLY] 1.400.00 G & 2.500K DE PER HOUR (BOOSTED) UPDATE [14/01/2016] Think about how many town hall you went and who were with 95k or 99k , as all botters are putting to steal only 100k or 110k of gold , thinking about it , we will take take advantage of it. Trophy = 900~1100 Thx For ALL Jjunior
  14. I can't fine a suitable BOT settings after the recent update, nothing seems to be working efficiently. PLEASE HELP!
  15. NO reply to see the settings (why would anyone even do that?) These settings are AFTER the TH11 update These settings use two boosts, expect cheaper boosts during christmas; these are the perfect settings. Conditions: - Silver I - I used two boosts, one on one archer and also one on one barbarian (Only 10 gems per hour) - You can expect even more loot since the 1 mil is also calculated in a period of time in which there was no boost. (I expect ~50% of the time there were 2 barracks boosted) - I am town hall 9 (other TH's statistics might vary) - Reduction: 2 percent every 10 bases (not very important) Settings: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2w2yepouw3gnpiw/settingsclashbot.jpg?dl=0
  16. I have had this program for about 2 weeks now, I finally got it tweaked to where I like it. This is farming during the day as well. I find evenings to be more effective. The nice thing as well is that the army is cheap. 25 replies and I will take the time to post my settings and further details.
  17. Barracks Training: Barracks 1: Archer Barracks 2: Archer Barracks 3: Archer Barracks 4: Barbarian Attack when: Attack at a Troopcapacity of: 100% Attack Requirements: Minimum Gold: 100k Minimum Elixir: 100k Algorithm: 4 finger Only attack dead bases Deploy Settings Size of each Troop wave: 25 Units Delay between each wave: 2.0 seconds Anti-Trap wave: 5% Use King Use Queen Use Clan Troops Trophy Range: 1500-1700
  18. Barracks Training: Barracks 1: Archer Barracks 2: Archer Barracks 3: Archer Barracks 4: Barbarian Attack when: Attack at a Troopcapacity of: 100% Attack Requirements: Minimum Gold: 100k Minimum Elixir: 100k Algorithm: 4 finger Only attack dead bases Deploy Settings Size of each Troop wave: 25 Units Delay between each wave: 2.0 seconds Anti-Trap wave: 5% Use King Use Queen Use Clan Troops Trophy Range: 1500-1700
  19. xVictorio

    4. Million a hour! Insane!

    Hey Guys, I just got 4 Million of each a hour ! And 18k of DE! Look at it. It's amazing. http://prntscr.com/7x851z Not bad! Can you beat this?
  20. Zman8881

    Loot Screenshots

    I can't find the ClashBot 7.4 folder anywhere. The zip had some files and the .exe, but no folder. Where can I find my loot screenshots?
  21. nltrettin

    Best Region/Server for loot

    Hello autobots, the clan I'm in has this thing where we post bad ass replays of our sick bot loots, and the region/server the were searching in at the time. I'm not sure if we are correct, but we like to go into the settings and change the language, and essetially change the server in which we are searching at the time, and I was wondering if anyone else has done this sort of thing as well? If so, what server had the most inactives and or dead bases. Best of luck in your clashbotting! Optimus Prime signing out.
  22. So, i've recently been stacked on Gold and elixir unable to upgrade anything. What do you do when everything is full and no builders available?
  23. qingwen

    Cannot Upgrade Walls

    Dear all, I am having some problems upgrading my walls. Screenshots are as attached.. Thanks in advance!
  24. What is the best setting where I can look for bases faster and more loot? Thanks a lot guys! Also big thanks to the creator! Best bot yet!