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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, i trying to find th8 push settings, and now i go share my settings, i used this setting in 5 hours and i get 150 trophies i only trying to go cristal league, good luck for all this basically makes 50% of destruction in the attacks guaranteeing a star, especially in CV7 WARNING not guarantee the security account users, use according to their risk, this configuration is subject to attack villages active can report them STATISTICS 5 HOURS ATTACK REPLAY (CV7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC49-c9bjTo GENERAL SETTINGS BARRACKS SETTINGS for vip users is only 20 giants and 100 archers, vips can use custom barracks ATTACK SETTINGS
  2. jackfrostbr

    PUSH [PT-BR]

    i don't speak english olá, minha sugestão seria na parte de "ATTACK" onde poderia escolher um "minimo" de troféu para atacar, EX: Minimum Trophy 20 If trophy <20 don't attack if trophy =>20 attack ajudaria bastante em quem quer fazer push... estou tentando fazer mas como não tem isto meio que... ataca quase qualquer vila que aparece... obrigado pela atenção!
  3. Th9 no vip trophy push settings pls? No one? Would be super awesome to find some!
  4. Hey guys, I'm a newbie in bots and found out about boostbot and really like it. I wanted to know, what's the best TH9 and 10 farming and pushing settings? Also, how can I get addons for my bot? Thanks!
  5. thomastlex

    pushbullet bug

    Bot Version? 7.10.3 (The current latest version is here, make sure you have the latest version) Bluestacks Version? 1 To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is NOT supported yet, download the recommended version here : Windows Version: 7 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: desktop Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? yes When did you first get the error? no error just incorrect vlaues How did you get the error? trying it Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: yes Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: N/A you guys might already know, but incase you dont, and its no big deal but pushbullet is showing postive values for negative values. like dropping trophies are still show as a positive gained trophy thanks guys
  6. xIncepT

    Search for specific trophys

    I really would like like the feature that u can choose " only attack villgaes with x trophys+ and a max. th of X ( eG with the trophy push setting, becuz outside ths became rarer and rarer ) for those who want to trophy push. they just need to train dragons and thy are fine, cuz they automaticly will get at least 1 star
  7. muriloribeiro

    Settings for Farm. Help TH9

    Anyone know of any good configuration to farm in full th9 troops ands which alloy is good to stay? or amount of trophies. I'm going through difficulties to use the bot after updating the clash, this very bad to farm. HELP ME please.
  8. !!! This post wont be updated in future, because R.I.P. th sniping (upcoming th 11 update)!!! lol Hey Clashers, Use version 7.8.1 for best sniping. I am sure that Clashbot 8.0 will give MUCH better stats, because 7.8.1 cant identify all ths outside (skips some, seen it already) Of course I will keeop this post up to date with the release of the new bot and add the new stats!! I collected some trophy push suggestions from the forum and decided to make a guide. This guide contains only pushing to Champion III, but you can snipe through champion (will take much more time than sniping from master to champion). Also, I am th 9 but this will work aswell for th8. PUSH SETTINGS: I recommend to use Barch/Archers for pushing to crystal league, from crystal III to mid crystal start using Giant/Barb/Arch/Arch (because of traps and close defensive buildings). You can use your heroes if you want, but you wont need them. http://imgur.com/C5ggkob http://imgur.com/fP5VFXX STATISTICS: From Master III to Champion III I got ~ 4 Attacks/hour ~ 15-25 Trophies/hour ~ 2 - 3k DE /h http://imgur.com/pNdeXtK STATISTICS FOR CHAMPION III: Last 2 days I tested pushing in Champion III, again only th sniping. My results were not as good as expected. Botting for more than 12h (!!) gave me only 100 trophies (a snipe gives you only 1-4 trophies). That means the trophy/hour rate dopped dramatically from master 1 to Champion 3. 11 attacks in 7h, for the 12th attempt the bot took 650+ searches!! That is why I decided to go back to Master I (I am looking for DE, in master 1 I get 2-3,5k with no boost only by loot bonus) EDIT: Great opportunity to farm DE (Master II - Master I) . There is up to 5k DE/hour (no boost)! Very nice for everyone who wants to upgrade his heroes fast! COMING SOON: PUSHING FROM GOLD TO CRYSTAL Like my post to push my ego!!!!! thank you lol PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS AND EXPERIENCE WITH ME
  9. kinderrek92

    Trophy push TH9

    Hello everyone, I'm here to show you how to push trophies in master/champion and lower leagues I saw a few topics with question so i decided to share my settings ! Don't forget to reply my topic BARRACKS 40% if our bot will try to attack TROLL BASE ATTACK 15 units per 7 secs are enough to cheap push CLAN (optional) When you're botting all the time you should have full CC. After a few hours your villagers will need to rest :/ so you are not online STATISTICS In my opinion 52,5 trophies per hour in master is good score but it depends on your luck Hope you'll enjoy my setting. If you have any question feel free to ask here ;D -kinderrek92 #edit If you want to push over 2800 trophies YOU HAVE TO: -USE 220-240 ARCHERS PER ATTACK -CLAN CASTLE TROOPS WITH QUEEN AND KING -SELECT "ATTACK DEAD BASES only" and TH PUSH With aforesaid settings you can do it ;D I achieved 3204 trophies GL GUYS
  10. You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version: 7.7.1436 Bluestacks Version: Most Recent Windows Version: Windows 10 64 Bit PC Over the past few days I have been using the trophy push feature in order to farm Dark Elixer. This strategy was working for me in version 7.6 where I could let Clashbot run and stay within a 3000-3200 trophy range. Since using the newest version of Clashbot I have dropped from 3255 trophies to 2840 in a 12 hour time frame. Not impressed. On top of attacking bases where the TH is in the center I have noticed that the bot skips on a lot of bases where the TH is in the very bottom and right sides of the map and seeing a "no TH found" message in the log. I just saw it pass a base that would have earned me 11 trophies for one star and it passed on it. The TH was at the right corner touching the borders. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/NXvvz70
  11. SenseiOfTheSense

    Trophy push, but i'm not VIP

    Bot Version: 7.7 Bluestacks Version: I don't know Windows Version: Windows 7 ultimate, 32 bit Are you using a PC (Personal Computer), VM (Virtual Machine) or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: Personal Computer Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: installed Hello, The bot was working fine until it came an odd problem. I'm not a VIP member, attack algoritm set only for dead bases, 4 sides, 100% troops for an attack (I use only barbarians and archers), full wave size, deploy waves every 1 second. So the problem is: the bot is making a trophy push, after 100% troops at camps it continue search for TH near corner, using 5 troops (barbarians) if they don't die, more until the TH is down. I'm low on trophy (about 1200-1400) so i don't get so many resources from these raids. What should i do? Thanks!
  12. Kim Jong Thrill

    Trophy Push in 7.7

    Bot Version: 7.7 Bluestacks Version: Up to date Windows Version: Windows 10 64 Bit PC I set up the trophy push as I did with 7.6, with all barracks building Barbs, Wizards, Wizards, Wizards, Hog Riders, Hog Riders respectively. As I was having the most success with this set up... I let the bot run for an hour unmonitored and when I came back I had dropped 215 trophies. My replays showed the bot attacking bases with the TH in the center of the map costing me 35-40 trophies per attack. I have since returned to manually sniping or using ClashBot 7.6. I love the idea of Trophy push but there should be an option to to select the distance and position of the TH's you want to attack. and instead of pixels as a measure of distance I think a tile system where you can select a distance of 0 or 1, and only corners would negate any potential losses. Kind regards
  13. Dominic_Casas

    Trophy Stabilization

    I can see and understand why trophy pushing is for VIP members only. However when raiding with something such as Barch the bot gets a lot of loot but will drop your trophies down significantly. If it will not be made available or us to trophy push the bot should at least be able to keep you trophies at the same league at which it started. Or perhaps as it did in Auto it keep them withing a specified range.
  14. Kanji Harigana

    Need TH8 Trophy Push Settings..

    hello guys i need a th8 trophy push settings because im pushing to master league... please guys help me thanks... I need reply fast... thanks... my current league is now crystal 1... almost master but so its hard to push it.. im stuck in crystal 1 almost 3 days...
  15. galaxylight

    [Guide] to Perfect Trophy Pushing

    This is a VIP guide and will only work if you have VIP Status Alright so here are my personal settings for trophy pushing and a brief explanation on why I've chosen these settings. If you are th8+ You may want to change the wave delay/amount of troops deployed and your attack capacity against higher trapped bases. General - Alright so for general just copy my settings, there's no explanation needed really. https://gyazo.com/818b35723799a6bcddd3a2ef52888c1f Barracks - I've found that around 100 troops is a safe amount to attack with against trapped bases, for me my troop capacity is 200 so I set my barracks to attack at 50% troop capacity, Tweak this to your personal preference but for safety try keep it around 100 troops. And you're going to want to run b-b-a-a for training troops. https://gyazo.com/856e3318aff59f9de62f447a1ed9efd7 Attack - In Attack we only want to focus on the middle box which I've selected red in the screenshot below, You're going to want to set the TrophyPush TH distance to 35 px and set your troop wave to 20 with a 7-8 second delay. https://gyazo.com/ed8abf884978ce3c87199ef678e83847 Some things I've noticed while trophy pushing is it's best to have a high amount of gold before you start because of all the skipping that will take place.
  16. myusernameis

    Settings for th snipe on NEWEST BOT

    Nice bot. Sometimes it glitches, but I think its a wifi issue on my side... anyway, all I want the bot to do is place some troops near exposed town halls, and if teslas or traps come up, a second wave of troops. Or it could just simply deploy everything near town hall. Basically, what settings do I chose to have the bot search for th snipes and take them? I don't care how much loot a base has. Thanks!
  17. Gaspah

    Push settings for TH8

    hey guys! Im TH8 full, whats is the better settings to Push? Thanks
  18. xtrmewhacker

    xtrmewhacker's Support Q&A

    Here you may ask any question regarding the bot. I mean questions like how to use bot to push, farm etc. Suggestions for what troops etc. will also be given. Ways to earn gems and some tricks about the game can also be asked for. Dish out those questions and don't forget to hit the like ;-) Answers will be provided within 24 hrs!