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Found 7 results

  1. !!! This post wont be updated in future, because R.I.P. th sniping (upcoming th 11 update)!!! lol Hey Clashers, Use version 7.8.1 for best sniping. I am sure that Clashbot 8.0 will give MUCH better stats, because 7.8.1 cant identify all ths outside (skips some, seen it already) Of course I will keeop this post up to date with the release of the new bot and add the new stats!! I collected some trophy push suggestions from the forum and decided to make a guide. This guide contains only pushing to Champion III, but you can snipe through champion (will take much more time than sniping from master to champion). Also, I am th 9 but this will work aswell for th8. PUSH SETTINGS: I recommend to use Barch/Archers for pushing to crystal league, from crystal III to mid crystal start using Giant/Barb/Arch/Arch (because of traps and close defensive buildings). You can use your heroes if you want, but you wont need them. http://imgur.com/C5ggkob http://imgur.com/fP5VFXX STATISTICS: From Master III to Champion III I got ~ 4 Attacks/hour ~ 15-25 Trophies/hour ~ 2 - 3k DE /h http://imgur.com/pNdeXtK STATISTICS FOR CHAMPION III: Last 2 days I tested pushing in Champion III, again only th sniping. My results were not as good as expected. Botting for more than 12h (!!) gave me only 100 trophies (a snipe gives you only 1-4 trophies). That means the trophy/hour rate dopped dramatically from master 1 to Champion 3. 11 attacks in 7h, for the 12th attempt the bot took 650+ searches!! That is why I decided to go back to Master I (I am looking for DE, in master 1 I get 2-3,5k with no boost only by loot bonus) EDIT: Great opportunity to farm DE (Master II - Master I) . There is up to 5k DE/hour (no boost)! Very nice for everyone who wants to upgrade his heroes fast! COMING SOON: PUSHING FROM GOLD TO CRYSTAL Like my post to push my ego!!!!! thank you lol PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS AND EXPERIENCE WITH ME
  2. sixxt

    No Town hall sniping??

    Shouldn't this bot be sniping town halls? Or is that a VIP status feature?
  3. qwert7465

    DE Drill Lightning Sniping

    Hey there, I couldn't find this in the suggestions for looking so I thought I'd post this idea. I've used a few competing bots, but think ClashBot is the most stable and produces the best results. I did enjoy one feature of some outside programs, DE Drill sniping. When there is a dead base, usually the drills are filled up a good amount as well. They are not immune to lightning spells and would love a feature where you would be able to create lightning spells, and set a minimum amount of DE left after the raid is over to potentially grab some extra DE. Sometimes it doesnt pay out because the DE is in the storage, but I found I increased my DE/hr much more when this type of feature was on. Let me know if this would be a possiblility! Thanks
  4. johngustas

    Mucho Dark Elixir! DE for everyone!!

    Hey guys n gals! First post here and I'm doing it for a tablet.. So bear with me. ? I've been working on a good Dark Elixir farming strategy for what seems like months now, to no avail.. So I made my own and decided to share it with y'all. This has been, far and away, the best way I've found to steal DE. 3 barracks barbs 1 barrack archers Attack at 80% 35pix from edge 35 troop wave 2 seconds wait Now I know it sounds basic, but just check "trophy push," and once you hit masters1/champs3 you'll be raking in TONS!! (and by tons, I mean roughly 6-7k per hour MINIMUM.) This setup helped me max my heroes in no time at all. (Gemmed their time for the most part, for warring.) Wish I knew how to post pictures...
  5. Kim Jong Thrill

    Trophy Push in 7.7

    Bot Version: 7.7 Bluestacks Version: Up to date Windows Version: Windows 10 64 Bit PC I set up the trophy push as I did with 7.6, with all barracks building Barbs, Wizards, Wizards, Wizards, Hog Riders, Hog Riders respectively. As I was having the most success with this set up... I let the bot run for an hour unmonitored and when I came back I had dropped 215 trophies. My replays showed the bot attacking bases with the TH in the center of the map costing me 35-40 trophies per attack. I have since returned to manually sniping or using ClashBot 7.6. I love the idea of Trophy push but there should be an option to to select the distance and position of the TH's you want to attack. and instead of pixels as a measure of distance I think a tile system where you can select a distance of 0 or 1, and only corners would negate any potential losses. Kind regards
  6. koconut97

    Townhall sniping?

    Is there a was to snipe townhalls with version 7.6? Thanks in advance
  7. skillery

    [Tutorial] Townhall Sniping 101

    How to gain trophies using the bot The problem: Townhall sniping with CoC bot v5.65 is really inefficient because of the poor troop deployment since the bot's logic needs improvement. The question: Why is townhall sniping tedious especially as you approach higher trophies. The answer: Townhall sniping is tedious because of the time it takes to find a base with a townhall on the outside rather than the attacking process. Do we need a better bot?: Do we need a better bot? The answer is NO! The current bot imo is more than good enough for townhall sniping however we just aren't utilising it properly. The solution: At this point you must all be wondering how do we resolve this issue? Well to do that we must go back to the problem with townhall sniping manually.. repetitive as well as taking a long time. However the problem with using the bot is it's attack patterns are not exactly suitable for townhall 'sniping'. Hence in order to get the best of both worlds we go to the search tab and put the filters on only 'meet townhall outside' but instead of clicking start bot we put it on 'Search mode' Tldr; Instead of starting the bot put the bot on search mode with meet townhall outside and do something else until the bot finds a match and you attack the townhall yourself. The obvious drawback is you cannot afk while doing this as you will have to deploy troops manually. I hope this tutorial has helped Cheers!