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Found 42 results

  1. You MUST use this format when posting an Error or Bug. Bot Version and Revision Number: MEmu or BlueStacks Version: Windows Version: Do you use a PC, a VM or a VPS?: Describe the issue below. When do you get the issue? What happens with BoostBot and the Emulator?: i ordered now. How can i use vip mode? it's not working. just free mode. Please submit logfile with the timestamp for the issue if needed. Please posts screenshots to help us see the issue if needed. Click here for a guide for screenshots.
  2. VIP not received

    Hi I have payed for vip but Im still a free user. I already sent the contact a mail 2 days ago but got no response yet. Did this happen to any of you? When i payed for first month it worked good.
  3. Hello, i trying to find th8 push settings, and now i go share my settings, i used this setting in 5 hours and i get 150 trophies i only trying to go cristal league, good luck for all this basically makes 50% of destruction in the attacks guaranteeing a star, especially in CV7 WARNING not guarantee the security account users, use according to their risk, this configuration is subject to attack villages active can report them STATISTICS 5 HOURS ATTACK REPLAY (CV7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC49-c9bjTo GENERAL SETTINGS BARRACKS SETTINGS for vip users is only 20 giants and 100 archers, vips can use custom barracks ATTACK SETTINGS
  4. Finding Jackson

    Can somebody tell how to contact Jackson..somone told me his that person i must contact for my VIP payment problem..It seems that jackson cannot received messages..so i cant pm him my problem and i cant send to him my screenshot of paypal emailing me the receipt.. its been 7days im still not VIP... can anyone tell me how to contact him or can someone help me solve this problem?
  5. Vip Days

    Who I see vip days left ??
  6. Bot Vip isan't work

    my bot vip isan´t working, why? the bot works, but not work as vip, help me
  7. I paid for the VIP but I am not sure if I have the right version. I do not have the tab for "troops." How do I get that? Thanks, Dan
  8. VIP Renewals

    I have a problem: my Paypal Account is a german one and i cant pay your VIP Membership because the Renewals are not allowed any more for the German Paypal Account .. i dont know why but its not possible in my country. I Hope there is a way to fix this
  9. hi i dont have my privilege

    hello i buy 9.99E for be vip but i am not !
  10. VIP account

    I would like to cancel my VIP subscription. Ive used the clashbot software for just under a month now, its not really what I was looking for, sorry. I need help with removing my VIP status and I do NOT want to pay for another month of subscription. Thank you very much -E
  11. trouble boosting

    So i set the script to boost barracks 1,2,3,4, and my spell factory. Often times i find the bot running with only 1/4 barrack boosted, and sometimes is 3/4. Script also has trouble finding the barrack to boost it on map. Is there a way to manual locate like hero alters?
  12. Bot Version? 7.14.8 Bluestacks Version? MEmu Windows Version: 7 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC (not vm) Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? Yes When did you first get the error? 30 min ago How did you get the error? Trying to login to ClashBot Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: Yes Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: I have been using ClashBot for the past few days and I was interested in VIP. So today I purchased a month of VIP. After I go to my forum profile and see Im now a VIP, I go to login to my ClashBot program to start some botting with my new features. - I can not login now. I never had this problem before. I have just done a few days of on and off botting and had no problems, then I PAY for VIP and instantly am not able to login?? I am very unimpressed and I would sincerely appreciate some support ASAP. I get this message when I put in my login details into the bot: " Could not log in Could not authenticate. For more information see the errors below " I am very frustrated to be greeted by this right after I pay for VIP. Please help me -E
  13. I paid twice for VIP this month and unable to get VIP, I was told to post in the VIP section to get help but I cant cause i'm not VIP lol. Can a staff member please look into this??
  14. Why am not VIP

    Why am not VIP member any more , am paying you monthly to become VIP member seen last year , please fix this before i cancel my payment monthly, and you guys got the payment for this month of May2016. thx.
  15. I Need Farm Setting For TH 8 ! [ VIP ]

    Please Someone Give Me Farm Setting For TH8, I Need It, VIP Or None VIP Whatever
  16. Hello guys, this is my first post since i have found this amazing bot! I just want to say, i have run this bot for 44 Hours (But i have run longer) and decided its time to share my findings. I have been able to get on with my day to day activities and come back to full storage's. Maxing TH9 has been more enjoyable then playing the game for years. I am usually around the 550k per hour mark and i am going to tell you how. NO BOOST! I will share: Trophy Range *Gold II - - - Crystal III* COC Name: *KingOak* *Level 104* [hide]http://imgur.com/7PT24Qr[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/RYXBs7i[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/tBL3xu5[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/EeqdTzF[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/TiQABtD[/hide]
  17. guys i want to stop my VIP membership effective next billing... i wanted to try the VIP just for once i did't know that it has an auto renewal.... how can i stop it? thank you..
  18. Cancel payment automatic

    i want to cancel automatic payment of bot. how to ?
  19. Hello all , This is my latest setting for TH 10 Farming and really it is a very magical results and hope it can help all who are struggling with farming. NOTE:- I Finish Wall 11 already and Upgrade Buildings manually Troop Levels Max Barbarians Max Archers Boosted 1.7M Gold 1.7M Elixir 5.6k Dark Elixir Trophy Range <1600 Statistics Reply to Show the Settings [hide] [/hide] Thanks Boostbot
  20. I have been using these settings for a few days and I thought that should share with the rest of you. This is with the VIP version run over 8 hours. NO Boost. I have been using my King (28), Queen (23), and BArch (both level 6). In the Hidden Content is the trophy level that you have to be in to get this to work. It won't work if you are running the setting above that trophy level. [hide]http://i.imgur.com/DTf3jaF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Dq9BH20.jpg The trick that you have to dump trophies manually as low as possible before starting. I went so far that when I lost matches, it didn't take any trophies away (which was around 650 trophy level for me.)[/hide] Here are some loot shots from over the last few days. You will get some time between attacks when trophy dumps are required, but this is really working for me! Thanks for the Boostbot team for answering questions and helping me get these settings! UPDATE: UPDATE: 1 day. I think the average loot is lower because of the time spent dumping trophies. It's still good loot! I had to stop for a while (we are in war) but I ran it all night again and the results (especially DE) are good! I ran it all night again last night (Jan 2nd), and it is maintaining the loot/hr. DE full again! Jan 13th results without queen (she is on upgrade)
  21. Hello all , This is my SECOND setting to share after the latest winter update and latest boostbot update 7.9.2 (Revision 1716) hope it can help any one who is struggling with the new update , the resources and loot seems to be the better for me since COC latest BIG update. The run time for this setting was 10 hours straight with no pause of stop , the average skips to find base = 64 skips. Here is the setting and stats but be informed that the start resources is not right because it resets when I stopped the bot to take the screenshot. The only cons in my setting is the End Battle if no resource change and that is why it drops more trophy , I will make it better next time. NOTE: All walls upgraded is WALL11 and I am now 50 walls away from finishing 275 walls lvl 11. Please comment to see the setting and like the post if it is useful , share with your friends to know how boostbot is useful. [hide] [/hide] Thanks for everyone who were working the last month to get us this amazing features.
  22. vip only 2 weeks and not working

    i bought vip on the 13th and now can use any vip features please help

    With this new up date I have not been getting good loot. would upgrading to the VIP be worth it loot wise? or any suggestion to get more loot I am using only minions to do attack since I do not need DE any more. What rank should I be farming in with a TH10? What troops?
  24. VIP not activated

    I've bought VIP 2 days and and its still not active in bot
  25. I am TH7 now and found trophy level dropped to 1100 or less. Shall I be a VIP and pay for that function? Thanks!