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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome guys to my newest post! Today i am going to share with you what my last week has been like. I am going to share my new style of farming, and believe me when i say its a good one. I have been running this bot for over 120 hours! And have made over 100 Mill each resource! And over 160K Dark Elixir Comment with your replies, tell me what you think and if this works for you! I am making over 100 million gold each resource per week without even trying! Do not loos out of this amazing give away! Trophy range: 1650 - 1850 Troops: Max TH9 [hide]http://imgur.com/56e7DFJ[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/I9c61a4[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/PYWZZJG[/hide]
  2. Hello guys, this is my first post since i have found this amazing bot! I just want to say, i have run this bot for 44 Hours (But i have run longer) and decided its time to share my findings. I have been able to get on with my day to day activities and come back to full storage's. Maxing TH9 has been more enjoyable then playing the game for years. I am usually around the 550k per hour mark and i am going to tell you how. NO BOOST! I will share: Trophy Range *Gold II - - - Crystal III* COC Name: *KingOak* *Level 104* [hide]http://imgur.com/7PT24Qr[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/RYXBs7i[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/tBL3xu5[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/EeqdTzF[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/TiQABtD[/hide]
  3. Master Chief


    Welcome to Clashbot. If you have any questions about the bot don't hesitate to shoot me a pm. Enjoy your stay
  4. Batta99

    [TH9] Farming Layout "Singularity"

    I present this wonderful layout found on the internet with features that complement it ( not my invention ). Remember to leave a like if I helped you FEATURES Centralised CC or DE - A centralised CC is extremely hard to lure (practically impossible to do it effectively without hogs or loons) - A centralised DE is very hard to get to without complete focus on troop deployment to reach it Effective X-bow placement - X-bows even set to ground/air can cover 90% of the base Centralised Quad Teslas - An immense 350 DPS combined to combat heroes or anything that gets too close to the core Spread out Storages (gold) - A bad attacker will get none, but a decent attacker may get one or two depending on the army Quadrangulated AD/WT/Mortars - Optimised placement of important buildings, however, mortars may be more exposed than the others Tested trap placement - Aside from DGB, all other traps are tested for effectiveness No X-junctions Pentagonalated Point Defences - Other than the archer tower in the core layer, all other point defences are alternated around the base Great Look - Who doesn't appreciate a base that is aesthetically pleasing and provides OCD satisfaction? Credits: Orz
  5. zblacktt

    zblacktt says thanks

    I just want to let you all know I am so grateful for the hard work and dedication you've given this bot, its just a shame I found it so late. FML. as a maxed th10, I have spent 1600 USD to get to my current stats, I normally would say "cheating is bad" and cry like the b**** that I am but lets face it, I have donated enough money to supercell's developers on my own (and I'm sure a few other potatoes out there have done the same thing) SO in reality you're not damaging the game in any way so it'll be easy to see I am just mad at my stupidity. I am now slightly butthurt but still, props to you guys for being able to save people money. like I said I've spent almost 2,000 dollars on a stupid game, my father left us when we were small when mother was pregnant with my 5th sister and we've grown up in poverty sharing stale bread for dinner on Tuesday nights so it was a struggle to say the least. I had to not eat for 3 months, do paper rounds, suck d*** in alleyways, g4p over dial up connection on Skype with old men while just living off water and berries I picked from the neighbours garden so I can spend so much money on this game. its terrible when I think about it logically. so once again, good job men. if you invent a time machine please let me know, so I can go back to when I first purchased gems and tell myself "bro.. don't do it, your sister's are dying from hunger, and you do not need to go down such a disgraceful route to make gains.. theres other ways.. stay safe" cliffs: - I spent too much money in game - wish I found this first - fml - potato - thanks guys