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Found 16 results

  1. 0olongo0

    Focus on the dark elixir

    Good Morning ! I wonder if there is any setting for him to give preference to the dark elixir, to focus on picking up all the dark of the village !
  2. ------------------------------------------------ TH 8 Build Statistics ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ TH 9 Build Statistics ------------------------------------------------ [hide] ------------------------------------------------ Standart Settings ------------------------------------------------ [/hide]
  3. This is my TH8 farm settings 1 hour statistics : http://prnt.sc/cj77zx Using 3 Barracks (the 4º upgrading) Test vídeo ( 1 attack ) 2:30 Start the attack IN GENERAL Select all BARRACKS 1 - ARCHER 2- ARCHER 3- BARBARIANS 4- BARBARIANS 5- NOTHING 6- NOTHING 7-Lightning (for dark elixir) 8- NOTHING The troops capacity is 90% ATTACK Select option ONLY DEAD BASES END BATTLE IF NO RESOURCE CHANGE in 10 seconds remove the option and star Return every 20 bases skip base delay is 2 - 5 seconds FIND DEAD TAB Minimum Gold : 200.000 Minimum Elixir : 200.000 Minimum Dark Elixir : 0 Maximum TH : 11 Select the option ( NEED ALL ) Use the algorithm Select : Four Finger Deploy DEPLOY SETTINGS Size of each troops wave = 53 Delay = 3.5 seconds Lightning drills min level = 3 Use King size ant-trap = 2% MISC TROPHY RANGE 1000-1600 Use the anti-ban TAB IF have a "Correct symbol" in GREEN COLOR it's ok IF have a "wrong symbol" in RED COLOR, click in this symbol
  4. Hi everybody, I'm just here to ask you some questions and to have your opinion about my situation. So I am TH9, it is maxed, even my walls level 10 from 2 days now, but it is missing only my heroes .. My king is level 21 and my queen is level 22. My troops are maxed too, I can only upgrade my dark elixir troops (lava hound 1 ; minion 2 ; valkirye 1 ; golem 3 ; witch and hog rider maxed) and my dark elixir spells (poison 2 ; earthquake 1 ; haste 1 ; skeleton maxed) . So I can't use my ressources (gold and elixir) anymore .. I just need a lot of dark elixir to upgrade my heroes and my DE troops. So I'm looking for the best way to farm DE with or without the bot, I need the more efficient way to do it. I know that I can use the clashbot, but there is one problem. This problem is that the bot make a lot of gold and elixir per hour, and I don't need this, I can't use it. So I'm asking me "What are you not upgrading to TH10 ?" I could let the bot run, making a lot of DE for my heroes, meanwhile, making a lot of gold and elixir for my buildings. I'm really lost, I don't know what I am supposed to do now. Plus, I'm in love with the bot, but I hate running it on my laptop 24/7.
  5. KDDD

    Best working Attack strategy.

    This worked for me every time. This attack strategy is really effective.. Check out the Video and also see the Dark elixir loot...Which was the target! Also check out Main strategy video and read video description on YT for detail strategy.. https://youtu.be/_t76dy-rB_E
  6. robmarx

    TownHall 10 Farming Base

    Protect DE Farming Base
  7. shojib

    [Q] Farming Dark elixir [TH9/10]

    Hello, I have been using free boostbot for a good amount of time and having good results with my th7-8. However, I have a TH10 which is not making a good amount of elixir or gold or not even dark elixir. What I need right now is dark elixir mostly and I am aware that barching won't get me much dark elixir. I have: Max wizards, Max Barbarians, Max Giants, LVL6 Archers, lvl4 minion, lvl12 king, lvl13 queen, Max balloons. I would like a strategy for hitting dark elixir storages, and I heard new update has custom troops which I haven't tried yet. Please advise. I am ready to purchase VIP is needed. Thanks. Shahriar
  8. !!! This post wont be updated in future, because R.I.P. th sniping (upcoming th 11 update)!!! lol Hey Clashers, Use version 7.8.1 for best sniping. I am sure that Clashbot 8.0 will give MUCH better stats, because 7.8.1 cant identify all ths outside (skips some, seen it already) Of course I will keeop this post up to date with the release of the new bot and add the new stats!! I collected some trophy push suggestions from the forum and decided to make a guide. This guide contains only pushing to Champion III, but you can snipe through champion (will take much more time than sniping from master to champion). Also, I am th 9 but this will work aswell for th8. PUSH SETTINGS: I recommend to use Barch/Archers for pushing to crystal league, from crystal III to mid crystal start using Giant/Barb/Arch/Arch (because of traps and close defensive buildings). You can use your heroes if you want, but you wont need them. http://imgur.com/C5ggkob http://imgur.com/fP5VFXX STATISTICS: From Master III to Champion III I got ~ 4 Attacks/hour ~ 15-25 Trophies/hour ~ 2 - 3k DE /h http://imgur.com/pNdeXtK STATISTICS FOR CHAMPION III: Last 2 days I tested pushing in Champion III, again only th sniping. My results were not as good as expected. Botting for more than 12h (!!) gave me only 100 trophies (a snipe gives you only 1-4 trophies). That means the trophy/hour rate dopped dramatically from master 1 to Champion 3. 11 attacks in 7h, for the 12th attempt the bot took 650+ searches!! That is why I decided to go back to Master I (I am looking for DE, in master 1 I get 2-3,5k with no boost only by loot bonus) EDIT: Great opportunity to farm DE (Master II - Master I) . There is up to 5k DE/hour (no boost)! Very nice for everyone who wants to upgrade his heroes fast! COMING SOON: PUSHING FROM GOLD TO CRYSTAL Like my post to push my ego!!!!! thank you lol PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS AND EXPERIENCE WITH ME
  9. Sup all, thought i would share my settings that have been working for me lately. FYI, loot is better during the night and worse during the day. Stats: Attack: Barracks:
  10. johngustas

    Mucho Dark Elixir! DE for everyone!!

    Hey guys n gals! First post here and I'm doing it for a tablet.. So bear with me. ? I've been working on a good Dark Elixir farming strategy for what seems like months now, to no avail.. So I made my own and decided to share it with y'all. This has been, far and away, the best way I've found to steal DE. 3 barracks barbs 1 barrack archers Attack at 80% 35pix from edge 35 troop wave 2 seconds wait Now I know it sounds basic, but just check "trophy push," and once you hit masters1/champs3 you'll be raking in TONS!! (and by tons, I mean roughly 6-7k per hour MINIMUM.) This setup helped me max my heroes in no time at all. (Gemmed their time for the most part, for warring.) Wish I knew how to post pictures...
  11. Damion

    Farming Dark Elixir

    Hello All Fellow Botters, I was wondering if people can help me with farming Dark Elixir, I currently able to farm about 10-25k a day or two when focus is on Gold/Elixir, So I'm wondering what your guys - Trophy range - Army Comp - Strategy Thank you for all and any help,
  12. rendygunardi

    [REQUEST] DE Farming TH10

    Hi, now im in th10 wall max, 3 DE Collector max, but my hero not yet. So if i bot in 24 hours my gold n elixir max. I need is DE so i can upgrade both of my hero every week. The last time when the bot can lightning DE Storage its v good i get more than 400k DE every week and i can upgrade both of my hero but now i only get around 150K/week. Does anyone have good DE farming settings?
  13. jpteixeira

    How to farm DE in th 9

    Hello. I'm not VIP. I was wondering how to farm dark elixir. Please help-me with the best config for th9. (I'm a th9)
  14. -Liviu-

    TH8 settings for DE

    Hello, Of course, I can show you some 600k loot (gold+elix), but I would like to ask you for recommended settings for TH8 who is looking for DARK ELIXIR. Please advice, need to upgrade Barbar King and Golem. Thank you
  15. shrfkssm

    TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Setup?

    Anyone care to share? Trophy range and bot configuration? Thanks
  16. beanitoes

    Struggling to farm DE @TH7.

    manually farming DE @TH7, wanted to let the bot do it. Bot Search settings : TH 4-6. Im afraid that when i Put TH7 on search settings, Looting capacity will go down since TH7 bases are stronger. Should I push to farm DE? or continue manually?