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Found 5 results

  1. I can't Login on my bot says wrong password. any suggestions

  2. joshywashie

    Troops Not Fully Deploying

    So I've been running into the problem where ClashBot won't deploy all my troops sometimes and as a result, the bot gets hung up because it's trying to train troops but the camp isn't empty to begin with. Anyone else running into this problem? And has anyone come up with a solution for that? ClashBot C# 7.16.3 (revision 2368) Memu Version Windows 10 PC
  3. Im Currently using the break through deploy with these settings and im not getting enough ( i dont wanna lose trophies im pushing to at least masters for now) so i need some help with a new setting that willl help me farm more and trophy push faster . https://gyazo.com/600f0605e53540711ac925c906467c36
  4. Hy, I am having the following problems with the latest version of bot and don't know how to figure it out. In any attacking mode or any training mode the bot won't use the CC troops in battle and also doesn't take into account the wall level search criteria for normal bases. I am using bluestacks 2 with the patch applied and still get some errors if I don't start the game with the bot. Any suggestions?
  5. This new version has been awful for me. It dropped me a lot of trophies, it attacked a base which didn't meet my resource requirements by some distance. I just want the "attack on all sides equally" algorithm back. It's all I'm asking for. I hate this new attacking mines and collectors method because it's not efficient and it looses trophies.