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Found 64 results

  1. I currently run two clans. The first is a Level 16 FWA clan where we do 40v40 & 50v50 wars. I'm currently recruiting TH10+ botters who would like to join the team for easy loot wars (win or lose). The second clan is a Level 12 Farming clan. TH8+ botters are welcome here. This clan is a farming & clan games clan. No wars or donations in this clan. You join, turn your bot on and that's it. Below are the rules & requirements: Basic requirements: TH10+ non-rushed accounts (engineered accounts not allowed) Must have current TH defenses plus current TH defenses 1000 donations per season (unlimited requests) Clan Games participation required Both attacks in all wars Discord for external clan chat English only in game & Discord Rules: Please do not Mention the word "BOT" in clan chat . Special room on Discord for this chatter! Donate and request option must be on. Allowed to donate as per given keywords only. Keywords are: giants, wizards, loons, rage, haste, quake. (more keywords to be added soon). Reply to this thread or send me a PM if interested. I will provide further details on clan and how to join.
  2. Welcome guys to my newest post! Today i am going to share with you what my last week has been like. I am going to share my new style of farming, and believe me when i say its a good one. I have been running this bot for over 120 hours! And have made over 100 Mill each resource! And over 160K Dark Elixir Comment with your replies, tell me what you think and if this works for you! I am making over 100 million gold each resource per week without even trying! Do not loos out of this amazing give away! Trophy range: 1650 - 1850 Troops: Max TH9 [hide]http://imgur.com/56e7DFJ[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/I9c61a4[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/PYWZZJG[/hide]
  3. Hey Botters!! I thought I would share my settings with you which have been working amazing so far. The screenshot of the statistics will show 5 hours and 30 minutes run, but due to a power outage it does not show the 48+ hours I have been running with these settings with the same results! This will be my first official Clash Bot settings submission, so any feedback is appreciated I started with these settings at 2500 trophies. I have only dropped 400 trophies in my time using these settings. It is very sustainable with the troops used. This is the proof of the Gold/Elixr/DE Per hour This will show the troops used, and when the bot decided to attack This will show you the attack requirements *Note* these settings were tested with dead bases only and four finger deploy. To ensure accurate results, follow settings exactly To finish it off here is the Misc tab for those who are interested Here are some screenshots of the loot I received while using these settings YUMMY!!!!!
  4. Hi everybody, I'm just here to ask you some questions and to have your opinion about my situation. So I am TH9, it is maxed, even my walls level 10 from 2 days now, but it is missing only my heroes .. My king is level 21 and my queen is level 22. My troops are maxed too, I can only upgrade my dark elixir troops (lava hound 1 ; minion 2 ; valkirye 1 ; golem 3 ; witch and hog rider maxed) and my dark elixir spells (poison 2 ; earthquake 1 ; haste 1 ; skeleton maxed) . So I can't use my ressources (gold and elixir) anymore .. I just need a lot of dark elixir to upgrade my heroes and my DE troops. So I'm looking for the best way to farm DE with or without the bot, I need the more efficient way to do it. I know that I can use the clashbot, but there is one problem. This problem is that the bot make a lot of gold and elixir per hour, and I don't need this, I can't use it. So I'm asking me "What are you not upgrading to TH10 ?" I could let the bot run, making a lot of DE for my heroes, meanwhile, making a lot of gold and elixir for my buildings. I'm really lost, I don't know what I am supposed to do now. Plus, I'm in love with the bot, but I hate running it on my laptop 24/7.
  5. Hope you all enjoy and take use of this settings. Rep for future settings and results. http://imgur.com/6II3Dd8 http://imgur.com/Jw88iSb http://imgur.com/asp3ypo 181 million Gold 177 million Elixer 375 thousand Dark Elixer
  6. SirDabs

    Welcoming SirDabs to BoostBot

    Used to bot Runescape, Also botted WoW, Now I've moved onto botting CoC. Really liking the results im getting barching!!! Im boosting barracks, spell factory, queen, and king. http://prntscr.com/bi826e
  7. namanhdang

    Dark Elixir Settings

    Hello, I am a new botter and I need to use a bot to play because I am busy. I need a TH9 bot setting that only farms DE (5k per hour is good) and gold and elixir does not really matter. Recently I've tried to do dead bases but inside drills kill my barch. Is there any way to use gibarch or anything that can improve my dark elixir. If anyone can please help me I would appreciate it. Thanks -PS Also the settings must require no spells/heroes.
  8. Bot Version? 7.11.4 (rev 1936) (The current latest version is here, make sure you have the latest version) Bluestacks Version? 0.99 and 2 (tried on both) To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is the only supported version. Download here. Windows Version: Win 7 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? Yes When did you first get the error? Ever since march 23rd update (Global COC) How did you get the error? After 1 hour and 45 minutes of botting , I could make only 400K resources in total . I almost had to pause the bot and manually deploy goblins , as a lot of collectors were skipped that were outside . So The rest on the log is manually done when bot fails to collect all resources. Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: yes Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot:
  9. o 100 level 10 walls in just 2 weeks . I just play 4 hours a day using the bot and I manage to do well. Here are the results also note that I never utilized my heroes to the maximum , as I just put them to sleep. Hope you try this !
  10. I'm an early (but not new) TH9. Could someone give me an appropriate setting layout for farming efficiently using tier 1 troops? I followed the generic Boostbot video on Youtube, but loot/hour is not good - it's usually averaging around 300k/hour of G&E and 600/hr of DE. Here's my troop levels so as to give you folks a better idea about my offense.
  11. First Of All, I hate cluttering posts with "ty" and you never actually see any real interaction with people. Just hit the Thank you button. This is for TH11 and It actually works pretty well with TH9 but I'm focusing on TH11. I have read multiple post and gather information to make farming for TH11 a lot more efficient. Follow every little detail to the teeth. It's all there for a reason. Proof of loot/hour and attacks/skips(important at th11) Settings Follow every step exactly how it appears including the 90% Include attacks on TH11! It's a must! but avoid strong bases with the settings provided If you have a clan, this helps Actually take breaks is a little iffy sometimes (coc related I think) Trophy Range, YOU GUYS BETTER NOT DRAIN MY RANGE! LOL 700 - 600 is where the loot is at! For TH9 go to Gold. Seriously, don't drain my loot range... I'll never come back
  12. Hey guys, I'm a newbie in bots and found out about boostbot and really like it. I wanted to know, what's the best TH9 and 10 farming and pushing settings? Also, how can I get addons for my bot? Thanks!
  13. So i just found out the best Settings for me since the Farming Update (Th11 , Dead bases etc). Right now I'm making 2,1 - 2,5 Million of both per hour boosted. Without Boost it's around 800k -1,1 Million. [hide][/hide] I know it's just a hour and it can vary but i farmed over 8H and got the same result. The loot is around 2,1- 2,5 Million as i said. I gonna release the Settings when there is enough interest. Kind regards
  14. Brillian Zinedine

    I Need Farm Setting For TH 8 ! [ VIP ]

    Please Someone Give Me Farm Setting For TH8, I Need It, VIP Or None VIP Whatever
  15. Hello Plebs I'd like to share my settings for early TH8. My Archer & Barbarians are on LvL5, it also works with LvL4. Of course is the loot with LvL4 lower(~300K of each ressources, NO boost). Keep trophies below 1300! This is very import, after 1300 its really hard to find a lot of TH7 bases. In this trophie-range you also have more dead-bases. My attempts: I pushed my trophies over 1400 and attacked only TH8 bases. I tried this for 24h and in the end the loot was very bad! (Without Boost, same settings) Also I found rarely dead-bases! In this range I also tried with Giants/1x Barbarian/2x Archer. This was even worse than with only archers and barbarians! With Boost! In 3h I farmed over 3M of each ressources and over 5K DE! [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] NO BOOST! It works without boost really fine. ~ 500K of each ressources per hour its really good. I used the same attack settings. [hide][/hide] I hope i could help you with my strategie, feel free to comment your experiences. Have fun and happy boting
  16. Hello guys, this is my first post since i have found this amazing bot! I just want to say, i have run this bot for 44 Hours (But i have run longer) and decided its time to share my findings. I have been able to get on with my day to day activities and come back to full storage's. Maxing TH9 has been more enjoyable then playing the game for years. I am usually around the 550k per hour mark and i am going to tell you how. NO BOOST! I will share: Trophy Range *Gold II - - - Crystal III* COC Name: *KingOak* *Level 104* [hide]http://imgur.com/7PT24Qr[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/RYXBs7i[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/tBL3xu5[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/EeqdTzF[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/TiQABtD[/hide]
  18. About us Our Goal We are a LEVEL 7 FARMING and WAR clan as we believe trophy pushing simply slows down your journey to a maxed Town Hall 10 base (less loot) and is only useful for Gem achievements. However, we do take war very seriously as we intend to max out our Clan ASAP. What we offer We are a very friendly and close group of avid clashers with an abundance of knowledge about Clash of Clans. Eagerness to learn more about Clash is always welcome so never hesitate to ask questions, whether it be Tips and Tricks to the game, best strategies for war (discuss your attack plan with anyone) or how to upgrade your base! Requirements Town Hall 6+ Acceptance of Rushed Bases will purely be based on Troop level Friendly, active and mature English speaking Donations Farming Request message: Archers/Any | Donate: Archers Lv 4+ AND/OR Wizards War Request message: cWar [troop name] | Donate: Whatever troop is requested Basic Rules No Hopping No asking for elder Attack twice in war Donate correctly How can I apply? Copy and paste this application and fill it in and post it below! Town Hall level : Level of Archers : In game name (IGN) : Current level : Skype (highly preferred)/Email address: Any questions?: To prevent spam requests, we will be in contact with you and provide your 'request message' to join the clan. Otherwise, you will be declined.
  19. We all know that the bot isn't very intelligent or at least as intelligent as a human would be. Therefore, most times its attacks could be better. There are times in which the bot fins a dead base, but most collectors are hidden inside the base, so the bot isn't able to get there and collects very few gold. An idea which could solve partially all that is including an option of a beep which would sound when the bot finds a village. This way if we are near the computer or spending time with it we could stop the bot and do the attack ourselves, gaining much more resources. It's very easy to implant into the program and would be very efficient. I know there are people who don't need it, but it would be just an extra option for the bot. Thank you for your attention.
  20. ojjo19

    good setting for farming?

    any one can help me on setting for th-11 farming.... thanks
  21. Message me for info. I will be accepting those who have been active or have been users of this community for pretty long (more than just a few weeks) All are welcome, any level. Troop levels do not matter. Village level doesn't matter. This is a very chill laid back clan. As well as botters, this clan also has regular players, to lower risk of exposure. No donation requirements. Donate Arch Barb, the occasional Giant. Any Dark Troops. The default is archers. No need to respect the clan troop request, just give them archers. War is optional, and always just for fun. Again, very laid back. Remember, no talking about the bot in the chat or ever at all. If you do, it is an instant boot. Thanks You must request/donate 24/7 if VIP. Slots are filling up, but still many are available. If you are interested in joining, please leave your level and Barch levels below. Thanks Message me for info in the clan. I am working 9-5, but will be able to respond occasionally at work, but mostly after work. Thanks Clash on!
  22. Hello guys, Since the update it is really hard to farm and make tons of gold and elixir just as fast as before the update. After the update its hard to find dead bases and the clashbot, in my opinion, isn't optimized yet. Sometimes I pass a quite dead base, almost everything is in the collectors but it still skips the base. More important right now is the time to farm, these settings work for me at night! I am not able to create this farming overday. These settings work for me: **Low Trophy Range (1000 atm) BARRACKS: Barrack 1 - Archer Barrack 2 - Archer Barrack 3 - Barbarian Barrack 4 - Barbarian ATTACK: Normal Base Gold - 150.000 Elixir - 120.000 Max th lvl 7 *Need all requirements *4 Finger (always) Dead Base Gold - 100.000 Elixir - 75.000 Max th lvl 10 *Need all requirements *4 Finger (always) *Attack Slightly Dead *Size of troopwave 30 - 35 ***Attack at troop capacity of 100! Goodluck!
  23. ieatdapho

    [TH7] 1.7M+/hr

    Hey been looking around the forum and haven't seen much info on th7 farming settings, so here's what I've got to share with you guys! http://imgur.com/gKt8OwH If you guys are interested about my settings just comment below.
  24. muriloribeiro

    Settings for Farm. Help TH9

    Anyone know of any good configuration to farm in full th9 troops ands which alloy is good to stay? or amount of trophies. I'm going through difficulties to use the bot after updating the clash, this very bad to farm. HELP ME please.
  25. Hey I was just wondering if anyone is a th11 and has figured out a good troop comp to farm with. Ive tried BARCH at 2600 trophies and ive steadly gone down to 2200 in 10 hours. also im averaging 170k/114k and 900de with 2 barracks boosted. Before update I was averaging over 1mil each and 3500de. I hate this update lol. It would be great if bot could somehow preform a super Queen attack and end attack after it gets DE and is still alive...Anyhow any suggestions would be great, thanks!