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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome guys to my newest post! Today i am going to share with you what my last week has been like. I am going to share my new style of farming, and believe me when i say its a good one. I have been running this bot for over 120 hours! And have made over 100 Mill each resource! And over 160K Dark Elixir Comment with your replies, tell me what you think and if this works for you! I am making over 100 million gold each resource per week without even trying! Do not loos out of this amazing give away! Trophy range: 1650 - 1850 Troops: Max TH9 [hide]http://imgur.com/56e7DFJ[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/I9c61a4[/hide] [hide]http://imgur.com/PYWZZJG[/hide]
  2. flamey

    Free Gems Easily with proof

    Here is a simple steps how to earn money using your android 1. Download Whaff - Android: WHAFF (Google Playstore) 2. Log-in using your facebook accout 3. Use this code to get free initial $0.5 free: DK46513 4. Download some Apps or Refer someone 5. Redeem your Points 6. You could reach $10 quite easily. Proof:
  3. Roxemburg

    TH 8 and 9 settings. 700+ DE /hr

    Let's be honest. The 900k+ / hour you will need VIP, so here is my settings for around 350K G and E / hr and 700 DE/hr I will post proof later Attack Settings Normal: Min gold: 300000 Min Elixir: 300000 Min DE: 750 Max TH: 8 Need all requirements Four sides deploy Dead Min Gold: 125000 Min Elixir: 125000 Min DE: 300 Max TH: 10 or 9 (10 for TH 9 and 9 for TH 8) Need only one requirement four sides deploy Use King Use Queen (TH 9) Size of wave: 50 Delay between: 2.0 seconds 0% Trapwave End battle if no resource in 15 seconds Barracks 2: Barb 2: Archer That's it. Proof is in next post
  4. Get free gems and iTunes gift cards, paypal cards, googleplay card by downloading free apps and playing them for 30 seconds on appnana.com. Totally legal and safe enjoy! 1. got to bluestack 2. download appnana on bluestacks 3. Register and download apps to get Nanas. 4. Make sure to enter f13613034 for FREE POINTS ( 250000 nanas) when you input invitation code. 5. You can dowlaod iTunes gift cards, paypal cards, googleplay card to download gems of clash of clan 6. It’s easy ant totally FREE !! 7. Use this code f13613034
  5. deckzx

    Bot for free

    when it will be available to the commons members?

    Attack algorithm and wave settings

    During a temporary "VIP status for all", i have tried to adjust wave settings and i found, that wave size 1/3 of camp is the better choice for trophy pushing, because current algo sometimes deploy archers before barbs. 4-side attack Wave size: 70 delay: 4 anti-trap: 0 With these settings i returned from silver to crystal in one day with standard barch6 220 (th10). It also gave me average 700k and 1300 DE nonboosted (19 hours run). But, now i'm free user again, and i can't tune that. I drop down trophy extremely fast, because default 25 units each 2 sec means that it deploy 6 random units on each side, and frequently most of them die before next wave coming, These default setting gave me average 300k and 600 DE nonboosted (9 hours run). My suggestion is to change default settings, or make that feature for free. 4-finger, 4-side, near collectors, for each of these algorithms need its own wave settings. And as long as people search optimal combination of settings, I believe that u are already on the way of creating a hybrid algorithm, where: each other type of units have their own behavior and respawn system. barbs near collector archers 4-sided at border of the map, like AutoIt giants near defensive buildings for dead bases and two-sided to penetrate normal bases. Thanks for your attention. PS: I will not apologize for my broken English.
  7. flamey

    Epic free Vps no Credit Card

    I just found out the most awesome vps that lets you use it for seven days for free and its quite good also for the smaller 1 hr trial u dont even have to sign up Link: https://www.cloudsigma.com/cloud-servers/virtual-private-server-vps-hosting/
  8. It is the best way of finding an free Virtual Credit Card Use Bancore This will surely help you. If u find it benefitable plz share any that free card with me as it is not availaible in my country. Have Fun
  9. Yes, you get $10 free signup credit + a free trial which equates to around $19 credit. Video Tutorial Steps: Sign up for a RunAbove account. Sponsored link (free $10 credit) or regular (no sign up bonus AKA not free). And verify with mobile number and payment method, you won't be charged, just stop before running out of money. Add your instance: Add->An Instance->Location Choose one of the following combos * Sandbox - L - 1 VCPU, 4GB RAM - $0.010/hour | $0.240/day | $7.2/month ( $10 credit will cover the month) - Manageable, a little more stable, check it every now and then * Steadfast - L - 2 VCPU, 8GB RAM - $0.056/hour | $1.344/day | $40.32/month (178 Hours with $10 free credit) - Extremely stable, suitable for 24/7 unattended botting. 100% recommend If not automatically redirected, go to Instance -> Open a remote access to connect to your VPS. Download and install Teamviewer and use that to connect to your VPS from now on (or setup remote desktop) ; don't use the "open a remote access" on the run above CP. Download Bluestacks After setting Bluestacks and the bot properly, run the task manager -> Details -> look for COC Bot.exe and Bluestacks frontend and set both priorities to ABOVE NORMAL. Start bot. UPDATE: IF YOUR INSTANCE IS LOGGING OFF WHEN YOU DISCONNECT FROM TEAMVIEWER (YOU'LL SEE THE X WITH A LOCK ON IT), YOU MUST CONNECT USING "Open a remote access." AFTER THAT, SIMPLY CLOSE IT AND YOU SHOULD BE GOOD TO GO. Requirements: Mobile Number (Google Voice works) COC Bot A valid credit card or a PayPal (No charge if you cancel before running out of signup bonus of $10) Guide by "Finn and Jake" Modified by "Money"

    Wall Upgrade for VIP!?

    I downloaded the bot just because on the homepage said it could upgrade walls. I am very disappointed with this, the reason why people use bots is to avoid having to pay the gems, in fact it is to avoid paying ANYTHING, and now I see that I have to pay a bot for a FREE game.
  11. OFFER HAS ENDED If you are still looking for Windows VPS you can get one really cheap at seoclerks for just $3 using this link or more powerful Windows VPS with 13GB RAM for just $5 by visiting this link. ASK FOR WINDOWS SERVER 2012 WHEN GETTING THE FREE VPS OR BLUESTACKS WILL NOT WORK In order to receive the free coupon code you need to register using blue button on their page. HOW TO CONNECT TO THE VPS USING REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION: - search "run" into your windows start menu and click enter - then type in mstsc.exe were it says "Open:" - after that Remote Desktop Connection will open up - type the IP the person gave you - type in the user and pass the person also gave you - then your VPS will open up __________________________________ I found a great vps with the following specs: Windows Server 2012 7.5 GB RAM 2 vCPUs (2.60 GHz Intel Xeon® Up to 4 GBPS Internet Network Speed Valid for 30 Days 24/7 Running Administrator RDP access 100 GB Hard Disk Here is the link : http://ezywatch.com/freevps/ To request for the free coupon code you need : a real email seoclerks.com account ( shows you how to get one in the link) It may take a few hours for the website owner to reply to your request for the coupon code.
  12. logandmb

    Best Free Screen Recording tool

    Please recommend any free tool to record COC attacks on Windows 8.1 x64 Bluestacks. The application should be lightweight and easy to use. No complicated software. Those who have already used some software to record Bluestacks screen your recommendations are needed. Thanks EDIT : Recommend only those tools which have feature of recording application screen activity and not entire screen. I found http://www.srecorder.com while searching on google. Has anyone used this?
  13. xtrmewhacker

    Get gems to use in Clash Of Clans

    This is a method to earn credits to use at Clash of Clans. The best method is Whaff and it really pays off. The steps are:- 1) Like this Post! 2) Download Whaff from Playstore 3) Register yourself and enter the reference code AC70884 4) The code will give you free money and you'll be soon stacking up gems!