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Found 34 results

  1. I can't Login on my bot says wrong password. any suggestions

  2. For some reason uploading images here wasnt working so here's an imgur album. http://imgur.com/a/qhSHD Trophy range is usually between 1400-1600, no trophy range set on bot. I fluctuate in trophy range a lot tho, and usually the higher I go the more DE i get but lower gold, and vice versa. Id say anything between 1300 to 1700 would work. I'm a th11 with lvl 6 barch as I've been working on my war troops and spells the last few months, so you might have better luck with max barch, and VIP as I cant set custom barracks and so I cant make use of wallbreakers. Ive come across 1.5m+ bases often in which ive got like 200k loot cuz i had no wallbreakers so with these settings and VIP u might have better luck. I also had done some upgrades before I screenshotted in case you're wondering why my current loot is so low. First time poster so take it easy on me! Cheers
  3. Are you looking for a secure place to bot? We can offer more than just a normal botting clan. Come join a well established clan that will help you maintain a steady stream of loot. REQUIREMENTS MAIN CLAN TH10+ 24/7 botting Social active Feeder Any th lvl will be accepted A Slack Account - Mandatory Helps everyone communicate outside of game of botting issues or for general chat. We are looking for active talkers outside of game. ABOUT US We are a great growing community across all three main Supercell games! We have two clans in Clash of Clans, one in Boom Beach and one in Clash Royale. Our two clans in Clash of Clans are almost full, and we hope our community will proceed to expand even further amongst the Supercell games. RULES - Protect the privacy of your fellow clan members by not sharing clan name or taking screenshots with clan name. Absolutely no talk about botting in game chat. Do not donate to all, the use of keywords is strictly enforced. RECRUITMENT PROCESS Interested? Contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining. Hope to see you in our Community!
  4. So, whats up guys, just wondering if im the only one getting these results from the bot since the last CoC update? Settings: Really all that people need to know is that my max trophies to be at is 2400. That and alittle bit below is where all the loot is Hot Dogs. Regular barch settings with Unlimited boost. Will release my settings if this gets enough attention and people like these results Oh, and this is with 2 days of botting and im TH9.
  5. This worked for me every time. This attack strategy is really effective.. Check out the Video and also see the Dark elixir loot...Which was the target! Also check out Main strategy video and read video description on YT for detail strategy.. https://youtu.be/_t76dy-rB_E
  6. I'm an early (but not new) TH9. Could someone give me an appropriate setting layout for farming efficiently using tier 1 troops? I followed the generic Boostbot video on Youtube, but loot/hour is not good - it's usually averaging around 300k/hour of G&E and 600/hr of DE. Here's my troop levels so as to give you folks a better idea about my offense.
  7. So i just found out the best Settings for me since the Farming Update (Th11 , Dead bases etc). Right now I'm making 2,1 - 2,5 Million of both per hour boosted. Without Boost it's around 800k -1,1 Million. [hide][/hide] I know it's just a hour and it can vary but i farmed over 8H and got the same result. The loot is around 2,1- 2,5 Million as i said. I gonna release the Settings when there is enough interest. Kind regards
  8. kenneth8227


    help on town hall 8 settings trophy ranges and troops PLease help new th8 any guide
  9. John Scott

    Loot since 1/26 Update

    Anyone having luck at TH 10-11 since the update. Before the update i was doing 400-500k an hour which was enough to keeo all 3 heroes going, 2 defenses and research now I cant seem to gain anything but DE. Let us help each other find the loot and grow together.
  10. Post your results here or statistics please also the settings:)
  11. Hello, I was just wondering if I am the only one having the problem of not being able to find loot. I have left the bot on for 9 hours and I only collected around 1 mill G&E. I have tried a lot of settings from the forums but i still seem to average around 150-300k loot per hour. PLEASE HELP! I am not sure if loot is just bad or if im just doing something wrong. Thanks.
  12. wmsigrist


    With this new up date I have not been getting good loot. would upgrading to the VIP be worth it loot wise? or any suggestion to get more loot I am using only minions to do attack since I do not need DE any more. What rank should I be farming in with a TH10? What troops?
  13. Bot Version: 7.9.2 Bluestacks Version: 1 (the one from your site) Windows Version: 10 64 bit Are you using a VM or VPS? No Error message & description of when you get the error or bug: TH11, our bot is having trouble finding collectors with loot, and when it does find it, the attack strategies are not working. I have multiple accounts with different Town Halls and Town Hall 11 is the only one with the drought. The reason I’m assuming it’s our bot is because I ran xmodgames on my rooted android phone and it found “dead” bases really fast. Now this is a great short term solution, but I prefer using the bot when possible since the whole point of having the bot is to not have to manually attack. I suggested a couple days back that you should consider coding an attack strategy targeting dead bases with collectors close to the edge of the base(like th snipping code that detected the distance of the th from the edge) since a lot of people in th11 have them inside. I took the liberty to move my mouse around on visual studios and make how this could look. If you like this idea, please let BoostBot devs know here.
  14. The wrong post was deleted. Anyways this is how I believe we could maybe solve the TH11 problem.
  15. triple post, delete
  16. Hey I was just wondering if anyone is a th11 and has figured out a good troop comp to farm with. Ive tried BARCH at 2600 trophies and ive steadly gone down to 2200 in 10 hours. also im averaging 170k/114k and 900de with 2 barracks boosted. Before update I was averaging over 1mil each and 3500de. I hate this update lol. It would be great if bot could somehow preform a super Queen attack and end attack after it gets DE and is still alive...Anyhow any suggestions would be great, thanks!
  17. Sup all, thought i would share my settings that have been working for me lately. FYI, loot is better during the night and worse during the day. Stats: Attack: Barracks:
  18. Hellow everyone , when i reached TH10 i seem to find no loot i leave the bot for hours and dont even get 1 million , my trophies are at 1900 and i attack dead bases only , my clashbot setup is perfect , maybe my trophies level is not suitable for a TH10 .. any suggestions ? Please help ? I really need help cauz ive reached so far And id hate it that i wouldnt be able to bot at th10 cauz its the most costly level and its gonna take hell alot of botting to max my stuff Thanks in advance everyone
  19. Barracks Training: Barracks 1: Archer Barracks 2: Archer Barracks 3: Archer Barracks 4: Barbarian Attack when: Attack at a Troopcapacity of: 100% Attack Requirements: Minimum Gold: 100k Minimum Elixir: 100k Algorithm: 4 finger Only attack dead bases Deploy Settings Size of each Troop wave: 25 Units Delay between each wave: 2.0 seconds Anti-Trap wave: 5% Use King Use Queen Use Clan Troops Trophy Range: 1500-1700
  20. Apples77

    TH 10 Farming setting

    Hey Guys, , ,someone please Show me What Best League and BoT setting for TH 10 Farms, i only need for wall upgrading..thank you
  21. koconut97

    Townhall sniping?

    Is there a was to snipe townhalls with version 7.6? Thanks in advance
  22. Barracks Training: Barracks 1: Archer Barracks 2: Archer Barracks 3: Archer Barracks 4: Barbarian Attack when: Attack at a Troopcapacity of: 100% Attack Requirements: Minimum Gold: 100k Minimum Elixir: 100k Algorithm: 4 finger Only attack dead bases Deploy Settings Size of each Troop wave: 25 Units Delay between each wave: 2.0 seconds Anti-Trap wave: 5% Use King Use Queen Use Clan Troops Trophy Range: 1500-1700
  24. evansch86

    TH6 24 10 hours running

    Just wanted to show off what i've gotten in 10 hours... time to go to TH7 for me! Sorry about the formatting changes... you'll get the idea lol ============================= ATTACK LOG ============================== -------- LOOT -------- ----- BONUS ------ TIME|TROP.|SEARCH| GOLD| ELIXIR|DARK EL|TR.|S| GOLD|ELIXIR| DE|L. 22:45| 967| 3| 123308| 59335| 0| 9|1| 2000| 2000| 0|S3| 23:26| 976| 6| 63125| 32175| 0| 10|1| 2000| 2000| 0|S3| 00:08| 986| 7| 82582| 58078| 0| 18|3| 2000| 2000| 0|S3| 00:48| 1004| 9| 47512| 41811| 0| 22|2| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 01:31| 1026| 29| 35000| 24862| 0|-21|0| 0| 0| 0|--| 02:12| 1005| 27| 31730| 30045| 0| 14|3| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 02:50| 1019| 5| 33381| 31715| 0| 9|1| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 03:33| 1028| 10| 71483| 68965| 0| 10|1| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 04:11| 1038| 1| 70411| 47614| 0| 20|0| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 04:52| 1058| 4| 42043| 21127| 0| 7|1| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 05:33| 1065| 6| 16462| 20679| 0| 9|2| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 06:15| 1074| 11| 81682| 44142| 0| 10|2| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 06:56| 1084| 13| 18537| 77250| 0| 16|2| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 07:36| 1100| 13| 36007| 31507| 0| 11|1| 3000| 3000| 0|S2| 08:17| 1111| 11| 48557| 29048| 0| 6|1| 3000| 3000| 0|S2|
  25. Hey all! I've been botting out my ass recently, so I figured I should start keeping a log for myself and to show off to others! Keep in mind I don't bot 24/7! Just during the day while I'm at work, and sometimes when I go to sleep. I'll also be upgrading other buildings & troops on my way. Please, feel free to give me advice and/or post your progress, or any settings & trophy range(s) that are working for you! Thanks! I've been struggling a lot with the new C# 7.x bot, so I haven't been having great progress since it came out at the beginning of July. I miss AutoIt. \\ Level 10 Wall Count // 178 / 250 \\ Current Base // \\ C# (7.x) Bot Settings // Still trying to figure out which settings work best! I have not had any consistent results yet. I have also been struggling with all of the bugs, timeouts, and errors that C# has to offer. Please, feel free to post what settings are working for you! \\ AutoIt (6.2.10) Bot Settings // Current Average Loot: Fair ~600k Gold / Elixir & 1.3k Dark Hourly