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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Fellow Botters, My name is Damion and I have recently started botting, been botting for about a week, week and a half. I started searching for bot's just after The June 27th Update. I started with a crappy, money backing bot (Won't say names). It was poor quality. So I kept searching, I have tried about 3 other bots before I found Clashbot. I tried there Free VIP and was hooked. It has delivered almost everything I wanted,minus the Donating aspect, but my loot is great, I don't gem barracks so this is all gem free raids, gem free loot/hr. I will start by showing you some of my better raids, then show you my settings, please read the messages below the settings, I might tell you to play with something to your satisfaction or trophy range. I would love to hear your guys success with these settings. I have made a previous thread that other people were having great success with these already, but I typed out all my settings, now I am adding pictures. I would like to include that I am using Level 5 Barbarians, Level 6 Giants, and Level 6 Archers. I see people being equally as successful with all Level 5, Just have to go to a lower Trophy range. This guide is for BOTH Free and VIP users, for the Free users, just ignore what isn't applied My Loot raids, a few, I only save 600k total loot. Dark Elixir loot - 1.5k This is not a high gold or Elixir raid, but I wanted to show you that it get's the Dark Elixir, I can keep my queen on Upgrade the whole time, In farming a week, I am sitting at 160k DE, from starting from about 2k. 772k - Total Resources 790k - Total Resources 800k - Total Resources 862k - Total Resources As you can see, I run a standard GBArch army composition, minus the Wall Breakers. You can also see that I have tried out Barch, it works well, I just found that though I could get more raids in using BArch, I was just missing to much loot not using the Giants to either get in or to just distract the defence for the time. Now I will show my Settings, and discuss some changes that you can change to your preference. General If you are a Free user, this is just a standard Attack/Build Troops. For you VIP's out there, I have my Upgrade Buildings/Walls selected, cause I have gone from 125 Level 7 walls to All Level 8 walls, My current wall count is 102 Level 8, 146 Level 9, and 2 Level 10 Walls (I'll explain later why I have these 2 Level 10 Walls). Now if you are looking to just stay online and not farm, selecting Collect Resources and Re-arm Traps/Xbow/inferno. Barracks Now depending on how you want to run you Barracks, you can either GBArch, 1 Barracks - Barbarians, 1 Barracks - Giants, 2 - Barracks - Archers. If you want to BArcher, you can either do 2 Barracks - Barbarians, 2 Barracks - Archers or 1 Barracks - Barbarians and 3 - Barracks Archers. I find GBArch is more reliable to get into the loot or DE inside the base, while BArch is just getting the outside loot. You can also fluctuate your Attack at a Troop Capacity depending on what you are farming with,If you are using GBArch, I would suggest leaving it at 100%, if you are BArching, I would say you can play with around 85-100%. Attack Now there are quite a few things hear to play around with. Now with it not being able to deploy like a human to well, I don't want to be reported, and i want most loot for the time spent trained, I don't attack active bases. Some people like to attack active bases, and if you attack active bases, I would suggest attacking with a loot of 200k or more with a Max Town Hall of 8. Depending on your troop composition I would suggest either Near Collectors or 4 Finger, I'm not to fond of the 4 sides attack. Now if you are BArching, your best Attack is 4 Finger, with setting size of Each troop wave to 1/4 of your Barbarians. Ex. If you have 100 Barbarians, set your Deployment wave to 25, that way you get all 4 sides evenly, but get the 4 finger deployment. If you are GBArching, then you can try for a day or 2 with either or, see your loot income and trophy range and decided what one you like better. I switch them once in awhile, cause I get the same loot outcome at my range. Recently I have been using Near Collector when I see more higher level bases. I select Use Queen and King (When they aren't on Upgrade, but only my king really, since I make enough DE to keep my Queen on Upgrade to Level 30). I do not use 'Use Clan Troops' since I like to have my clan troops for when I am watching a raid and I want to guarantee that extra loot (Manually) or when my Bot is waiting to reboot at the 6 hour mark or if my chance power outage, bot or Bluestacks break, etc. Now I don't really know what the 'Trophy Push: Max TH. distance to Border does, but I saw a fellow using a 35 px. so thought I would use it, gives no added bonus that I can see from the default 55 px. Deployment Size is based on your preference, I range from 45 - 25 units. Deployment, I usually use 1.3 - 1.0 (Another reason I only attack dead or slightly dead bases). The last few settings, Keep Trophies at a certain range, For you VIP's I would set it to be anywhere from 1850 down to 1100, depending where you like farming. I usually change my Trophie range from 1850 to 1600. Depending how I am feeling on the loot. Clan I don't use clan settings, since I am in a Level 6 Waring/Farming Clan and I can't just have the bot donating to anyone anything. I need it to be able to search for key words before donating. Ex. I set the setting to donate Archers ONLY if some request 'Arch, Archers, Any, Defence, Ect' So that when the bot goes to donate that is will search for those keywords and only donate to them. So that someone searching for 'Max Golem' Doesn't get a Archer, Barbarian or Giant. Misc. Now I don't use much in here, I use the Screenshot end of raid loot, check for updates and Kick my phone out in 2 minutes. I use the Screenshot to see how my loot gain is, what my percentage is averagely and see how it is doing(Don't trust the Statistics page to much, A few times I have caught it a few raids back on current Gold/Elixir/DE count). I have the time set to 120 Seconds cause I want to be at work or school and pop in to check how my loot is, how many walls have been upgraded and if something comes off Upgrade and I am out. In 2 minutes, the bot will kick me off the game and resume botting. Building Queue I have added 2 pictures of my building queue settings. The top one is for when I have an Upgrade coming of in a day, and the bottom one is for when I am just farming walls and don't have an Upgrade for 2+ days. I always leave 1 builder off to upgrade my walls, as you can see I have made a huge progress from Level 7 to Level 9 walls in a short amount of time. * A key note * I set my settings to 'Skip to Affordable' Now earlier I discussed why I had 2 Level 10 walls. With the Setting set to 'Wait for Exspencive' The bot was waiting till I had 3 Million Gold or Elixir and Upgrading my walls to Level 10, now that wouldn't be a problem, except it was cause me to drop below amounts needed for my next Upgrade, so I changed it, and it Upgrades all Level 7 walls, then All Level 8, Ect. Statistics My Statistics Don't tell a great story, but this was Screenshot just before I started this, I didn't wait for a high point, a 800k/hr shot, because your loot gain changes throughout the day, it's based on how many people are on at a time, how much competition you have Etc. You can see that in 7 days, I have accumulated 160k DE, My builders are always working, minus the 1 on Wall duty, My Queen with this amount of DE in 7 days will stay on Upgrade till Level 30. So I hope this guide will help you Farm well and get you those maxed out Heros and Base. Try it out for yourself, Come back and tell me how you did, show me screenshots of your loot, I am just trying to help. Tell me what I can change or improve if you see something is working better. Happy Botting! Damion
  2. Hey all! I've been botting out my ass recently, so I figured I should start keeping a log for myself and to show off to others! Keep in mind I don't bot 24/7! Just during the day while I'm at work, and sometimes when I go to sleep. I'll also be upgrading other buildings & troops on my way. Please, feel free to give me advice and/or post your progress, or any settings & trophy range(s) that are working for you! Thanks! I've been struggling a lot with the new C# 7.x bot, so I haven't been having great progress since it came out at the beginning of July. I miss AutoIt. \\ Level 10 Wall Count // 178 / 250 \\ Current Base // \\ C# (7.x) Bot Settings // Still trying to figure out which settings work best! I have not had any consistent results yet. I have also been struggling with all of the bugs, timeouts, and errors that C# has to offer. Please, feel free to post what settings are working for you! \\ AutoIt (6.2.10) Bot Settings // Current Average Loot: Fair ~600k Gold / Elixir & 1.3k Dark Hourly