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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to suggest to put back the keyword list for donations, because my cla is non-english speakers...and the bot is donating for any request.. Tks Diego
  2. hegemon88676

    My bot can't request troops

    Bot Version: 7.2 Windows Version: Windows 8.1 Neither in 7.1, neither in 7.2 the bot couldn't request troops. Please help.
  3. djdontw

    C# BOT 7.2 How does donation work?

    Dear Staff, Since the new C# Bot doesn't have keyword/blacklist feature, how does the bot donate if you click on more than one troops under "Allow donation of the following troops"? How does it work exactly? Does it detects keywords according to the listed name? For example if my clan members request Balloon, and I have Balloon ticked, will the bot donate Balloon based on my clan mates request keyword of 'Balloon'?? Please clarify this so we know how to use the donation customization system! Thanks! @djdontw
  4. Bot Version: 6.2.10 Windows Version: Windows 8 64 Bit Are you using a VM or VPS?: No Error Message: [8:12:03 PM] Training Troops Complete... [8:12:09 PM] Requesting for Clan Castle's Troops... [8:12:11 PM] Troop Request is still on Cooldown... [8:12:12 PM] Collecting Resources [8:12:21 PM] Removing Tombstones... This bug has been reported many times before as I have seen the threads, seems like it still has not been fixed. If you set the app to use CC Troops for attack it has issues requesting Clan Castle troops... Not sure if this is an issue because of the Clan Rank level or what but the app things the request is on Cool down even though its not.
  5. deandickinson

    [Request] TH6 Bot Settings Please

    When i first found this Bot, I set it up and was making a good amount of loot, overnight i earned around 1M gold and 500K Elixir. However, the next day I was making barely anything and my trophies where reducing drastically. I was coming up against bases and my troops where getting torn apart by the enemy base and i was earning around 1k of ea every raid. I have browsed google and the Clashbot Forums for a solution or settings guide but was unable to find one that was clear enough to follow and help so I was wondering if anyone can tell me good settings for TH6 that will make me good consistent loot, and the troop set up i should use when raiding? Not sure if this information is required but i have 950 trophies, and i have 3 barracks, 1 level 6 and 2 level 4. I have level 3 archers and barbs and level 2 giants. I have level 2 ballons and level 1 wallbreakers. My arm camp capacity is 115. Current settings that i have been working with (Earning me nothing): Thanks for reading!
  6. As you guys know with the latest updates we can choose what troop to donate by keyword. I have suggestion for it. For a botting clan wars are always be a problem because of the wrong donations or finding someone to donate the requested troop. Is it possible to cook requested troops? Clashbot can read the request text and for example it can cook a golem for a request than it can donate it. I think its possible Many of us donating only archers and bot have 3 section for donating. We can use first section for archer than 2nd one for golem and 3rd one for lava hound for example. It would be awesome, isn't it?
  7. Synnex

    Donate more often

    Hello Guys, i hope this is the correct section to ask, if not remove it please. It would be nice if someone could help me to modify the bot. I want the bot to check more often for open requests, so i donate much more. thank you very much in advance!