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Found 14 results

  1. verbal knit

    Maintain Trophy Range

    I am setting trophy range as 1500 - 1800, but the BOT keeps dropping down to 800s. Is there anyway to make the bot go into trophy push mode once the low trophy mark is reached? It has no problem dropping trophies but since the Dec update we need a trophy push function more than a trophy drop function. Any chance we can get this option added as a VIP feature? I think it will help sell VIP memberships. color=rgb(188,188,188)] Bot Version?[/color] (The current latest version is here, make sure you have the latest version) Bluestacks Version? To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is the only supported version. Download here. Windows Version: Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? When did you first get the error? How did you get the error? Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: Please link a screenshot (or multiple
  2. Congelado

    Ash's new post-update bases

    Hi, I'm a th10 player who loves this bot and since I was a new th9, I started using Hypercube from Ash and NEVER lost my precious dark elixir (Actually, once I was upgrading all the 4 air defense and they give me a ballon attack, so... one time). And with this new update, we all know that we need to put our town hall inside, and Ash already built some great bases that I would like to share with you. I'm gonna change my base today. Link P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother tongue, but i hope it's understandable.
  3. suley

    Pushing Strategies?

    Which strategies do you guys use to push trophies and do you boost barracks or not? As a Town Hall 10 I like to Barch up to Master League and then Use Balloonians to push the rest of the way to champs, maybe using GoWiPe if the bases get too strong.
  4. galaxylight

    [Guide] to Perfect Trophy Pushing

    This is a VIP guide and will only work if you have VIP Status Alright so here are my personal settings for trophy pushing and a brief explanation on why I've chosen these settings. If you are th8+ You may want to change the wave delay/amount of troops deployed and your attack capacity against higher trapped bases. General - Alright so for general just copy my settings, there's no explanation needed really. https://gyazo.com/818b35723799a6bcddd3a2ef52888c1f Barracks - I've found that around 100 troops is a safe amount to attack with against trapped bases, for me my troop capacity is 200 so I set my barracks to attack at 50% troop capacity, Tweak this to your personal preference but for safety try keep it around 100 troops. And you're going to want to run b-b-a-a for training troops. https://gyazo.com/856e3318aff59f9de62f447a1ed9efd7 Attack - In Attack we only want to focus on the middle box which I've selected red in the screenshot below, You're going to want to set the TrophyPush TH distance to 35 px and set your troop wave to 20 with a 7-8 second delay. https://gyazo.com/ed8abf884978ce3c87199ef678e83847 Some things I've noticed while trophy pushing is it's best to have a high amount of gold before you start because of all the skipping that will take place.
  5. Gaspah

    Push settings for TH8

    hey guys! Im TH8 full, whats is the better settings to Push? Thanks
  6. Mander987

    Losing Trophies

    Your program is repeatedly registering "Unable to click next, returning to home" type message. The "start collection" script begins to run, but the screen is often STILL on the attack screen (not returned home). This is causing troops to drop when barracks script runs, one at a time, starting war. A loss is assured, causing trophy loss. Fix: Add a script to the collection/barracks run to check for "END BATTLE" button on screen before collection or barracks script runs. If it is there, click END BATTLE and begin again. This may stop one source of trophy losses with a straight forward validation.
  7. dragonslayer1995

    Losing Trophies TH9

    I'm Townhall 9 , usses barch configuration there is no problem with loot but i am continously trophies with the 7.3 update , just today i lost about 500 trophies pls help !
  8. jpteixeira

    Clashbot is losing trophies!

    English: The clashbot are looking village and suddenly plays a barbarian in the village and surrender. I'm losing trophies all the time, and the clashbot does not attack any village. Help me please, I'm using the new version and it's happening, I was crystal 2 to 1 gold just because I left the village clashbot looking thinking that was going to win resources. Portuguese: O clashbot está procurando vila e de repente joga um bárbaro na vila e se rende. Eu estou perdendo troféus toda hora, e o clashbot não ataca nenhuma vila . Me ajudem por favor, estou usando a versão nova e está acontecendo isso, Fui da cristal 2 à ouro 1 só porque deixei o clashbot procurando vila achando que ia ganhar recursos . HELP-ME PLEASE / ME AJUDEM POR FAVOR!
  9. so i was thinking that because my bot is attacking more dead bases than active bases and i lose many trophies that it could be a good idea to have a setting that will allow you to disconnect for some time (example 5 minutes ) in order to gain trophies ! what i mean is : 1.set amount of attacks or minutes in order bot to disconnect 2.set amount of time bot will remain disconnected FOR EXAMPLE after 10 attacks bot will disconnect for 10 minutes in order to gain trophies (th inside of course ) thanks for your time i appreciate that !!
  10. pranavperfect

    Drop trophies using King/Queen

    The bot should provide option to drop trophies using King and Queen as they do not require use of elixir.
  11. robertwt7

    Trophies always reduced issue

    Bot Version:6.2.7 autoit Windows Version: windows 8 Is anyone having the same problem with me? anyway my setting is to attack dead base with minimum 70k Gold and Elixir its good to have around 400k/hour gold + elixir with th lv 10 currently. on the first tab of coc bot i set minimum and maximum trophies to 1900-2200 though, but right now after botting around 4-5 hours my trophies went down from 2100 to 1600, if i bot for days, i'm worried that my trophies will go down eventually to 0 any suggestion on this? anyone is having the same problem with me? or is it us that had to get our trophies again manually? thanks before Robert
  12. RenanBarbieri


    I do not know how to configure the bot to lose trophies alone , I like to farm in lower leagues , someone help me ?
  13. VeryKnave

    Recommanded settings for trophies TH7

    I want the recommanded settings to meke more trophies.
  14. skillery

    [Tutorial] Townhall Sniping 101

    How to gain trophies using the bot The problem: Townhall sniping with CoC bot v5.65 is really inefficient because of the poor troop deployment since the bot's logic needs improvement. The question: Why is townhall sniping tedious especially as you approach higher trophies. The answer: Townhall sniping is tedious because of the time it takes to find a base with a townhall on the outside rather than the attacking process. Do we need a better bot?: Do we need a better bot? The answer is NO! The current bot imo is more than good enough for townhall sniping however we just aren't utilising it properly. The solution: At this point you must all be wondering how do we resolve this issue? Well to do that we must go back to the problem with townhall sniping manually.. repetitive as well as taking a long time. However the problem with using the bot is it's attack patterns are not exactly suitable for townhall 'sniping'. Hence in order to get the best of both worlds we go to the search tab and put the filters on only 'meet townhall outside' but instead of clicking start bot we put it on 'Search mode' Tldr; Instead of starting the bot put the bot on search mode with meet townhall outside and do something else until the bot finds a match and you attack the townhall yourself. The obvious drawback is you cannot afk while doing this as you will have to deploy troops manually. I hope this tutorial has helped Cheers!