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Found 13 results

  1. Apostolis2006

    Clash of Clans

    I want to make my walls lvl 8 and all the Archer towers lvl 10 so when you will do that i want to make my th lvl 9
  2. toplerone

    Wall upgrade is (still) not working

    Hi, my stats are still (Win7(x64) / PC / ClashBot 7.11.3 / TH9 ). And like I posted before in http://boostbot.org/forums/topic/22281-error-building-walls/#entry543726 (and another thread which was deleted) the wall upgrade is still broken for me. And as you told me in the last thread my walls are easy to find and easy to upgrade for the bot. When you see the logs the bot detects walls to upgrade but he's doing nothing. [08:11:47.865] [BuildUpgrade] Trying to upgrade walls... [08:11:47.865] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 1 walls [08:11:47.866] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 1 walls [08:11:48.844] Debug: [WallScan] Found 0 level 1 walls [08:11:48.845] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 2 walls [08:11:48.845] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 2 walls [08:11:49.013] Debug: [WallScan] Found 0 level 2 walls [08:11:49.014] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 3 walls [08:11:49.014] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 3 walls [08:11:56.941] Debug: [WallScan] Found 1 level 3 walls [08:11:56.942] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 4 walls [08:11:56.943] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 4 walls [08:11:58.229] Debug: [WallScan] Found 3 level 4 walls [08:11:58.230] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 5 walls [08:11:58.230] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 5 walls [08:11:58.513] Debug: [WallScan] Found 1 level 5 walls [08:11:58.514] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 6 walls [08:11:58.515] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 6 walls [08:11:58.565] Debug: [WallScan] Found 0 level 6 walls [08:11:58.565] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 7 walls [08:11:58.566] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 7 walls [08:11:58.602] Debug: [WallScan] Found 0 level 7 walls [08:11:58.603] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 8 walls [08:11:58.603] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 8 walls [08:11:58.604] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use elixir to upgrade lvl 8 walls [08:11:59.406] Debug: [WallScan] Found 1 level 8 walls [08:11:59.407] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 9 walls [08:11:59.408] Debug: [WallScan] CAN use gold to upgrade lvl 9 walls [08:11:59.408] Debug: [WallScan] Can't use elixir lvl 9: 1.596.344 − 3.000.000 < 100.000 [08:12:00.145] Debug: [WallScan] Found 4 level 9 walls [08:12:00.145] Debug: [WallScan] Checking level 10 walls [08:12:00.146] Debug: [WallScan] Can't use gold lvl 10: 3.634.569 − 4.000.000 < 100.000 [08:12:00.146] Debug: [WallScan] Can't use elixir lvl 10: 1.596.344 − 4.000.000 < 100.000 [08:12:00.147] [BuildUpgrade] Trying to upgrade buildings... [08:12:00.982] [Build] Waiting to let other modules work... [08:12:01.106] Debug: [Attack] Enabling clan donation module [08:12:02.102] Debug: Ensuring the game is zoomed out [08:12:02.108] Debug: Zoomed out
  3. Grizzly99

    Error building walls!

    Bot Version? (The current latest version is here, make sure you have the latest version) : 1848 Bluestacks Version? To find out what version you have, a bluestacks icon shows in the system tray, if hoovered over, it will show the current version Note: Bluestacks 2 is NOT supported yet, download the recommended version here : One you have for download/no problems with it. Windows Version: 8 Are you using a PC (Personal Computer, VM (Virtual Machine), or VPS (Virtual Private Server)?: PC Is your Clash of Clans and BlueStacks in English? Yes When did you first get the error? *** So, the error is in upgrading the walls in the bot. I am TH9 and the bot says trying to upgrade level 10 walls....I am th9 and need to upgrade level 8 and 9 walls. It seems that the bot is randomly selecting walls? Or maybe it is a glitch? I know that if I manually go in and click each wall to upgrade it I could do it....but that would take forever. Just wanted to let you know that the wall upgrade feature isn't working as intended. I have used this bot for a little while now, and just wanna say gj to you guys keep it up! How did you get the error? Upgrading the walls. Have you installed .NET 4.5.1?: yeah Please link a screenshot (or multiple) provided by the bot: [07:44:52] [buildUpgrade] Trying to upgrade walls... [07:44:55] [WallScan] Going to try upgrading level 10 walls... [07:44:56] [WallUpgrade] Cost is 1000000, was expecting 4000000, skipping... [07:44:58] [WallUpgrade] Using gold to upgrade level 10 wall [07:44:59] [WallUpgrade] This wall cannot be upgraded at this Town Hall level [07:45:00] [buildUpgrade] Trying to upgrade buildings... [07:45:02] [buildTask-WithBoostedUnits] Starting to build 6 types of units I c
  4. Hy, I am having the following problems with the latest version of bot and don't know how to figure it out. In any attacking mode or any training mode the bot won't use the CC troops in battle and also doesn't take into account the wall level search criteria for normal bases. I am using bluestacks 2 with the patch applied and still get some errors if I don't start the game with the bot. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello my friends Today I came here to share with you something that I found very interesting , there is some COC TOOLS , which help calculate how much will be gold all its walls , how long his troop is ready or magic, and how much you will spend, you can put the TH your level and go calculating. Recalling that do not need any of your information VALID ! Plus, you do not need to download anything , absolutely NOTHING! Calculate Barracks and Dark Barracks Calculate Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory Calculate Walls Walls Calculator http://dayobject.me/apps/clash_of_clans_wall_calculator/ Spells/Barracks Calculator http://mkln.ru/clash-of-clans/ Clash Tools https://clashofclans.com/community/tools ​​In addition the site CLASH OF CLANS offers numerous things , how to organize their attack and war attacks, and more, it worth looking ! BYE HA!
  6. Hi, I've installed Bluestacks 9.30.4239, and Clashbot 7.5.923 and I found it pretty easy and intuitive to get started; the free version worked very well. Then I decided to get VIP to unlock the build queue, and I'm finding it very confusing. I can't see how it's meant to work. Is there a guide / FAQ / tutorial anywhere? When I click the build queue tab and enable wall upgrades, I set Minimum Gold quite low, check the "use Gold" box, but even when I have plenty of gold and builders free, it doesn't seem to do anything to upgrade the walls. When I click + to add a building to the queue, a new window pops up containing what appears to be a screenshot of the Bluestacks window. If I click on, say, a cannon to upgrade in the new window, the same cannon gets selected (briefly) in the main window. Sometimes (not always) an entry appears in the build list, with an item name and price. Usually the price is -1, or a gold value, sometimes correct, sometimes wrong. A small blue circle with a letter appears in the popup window. Nothing else happens as far as I can tell. How are these features meant to work? thanks!
  7. Tappiela

    Can't activate upgrade wall feature

    Hi I am unable to activate the Upgrade Buildings / Walls feature on the General tab. I would just like to activate the upgrade walls feature and as far as I have read this is still available to non-VIP members but if not, please let me know. I'm pretty new to the community so just trying to find out thanks for any help.
  8. Hey all! I've been botting out my ass recently, so I figured I should start keeping a log for myself and to show off to others! Keep in mind I don't bot 24/7! Just during the day while I'm at work, and sometimes when I go to sleep. I'll also be upgrading other buildings & troops on my way. Please, feel free to give me advice and/or post your progress, or any settings & trophy range(s) that are working for you! Thanks! I've been struggling a lot with the new C# 7.x bot, so I haven't been having great progress since it came out at the beginning of July. I miss AutoIt. \\ Level 10 Wall Count // 178 / 250 \\ Current Base // \\ C# (7.x) Bot Settings // Still trying to figure out which settings work best! I have not had any consistent results yet. I have also been struggling with all of the bugs, timeouts, and errors that C# has to offer. Please, feel free to post what settings are working for you! \\ AutoIt (6.2.10) Bot Settings // Current Average Loot: Fair ~600k Gold / Elixir & 1.3k Dark Hourly
  9. Hey so I got clashbot and Im starting it on a New TH1 and I have 4k gold and everything i need to upgrade hut my walls or buildings arent upgrading help please here are my settings http://gyazo.com/55fcd9d77fb82217a50ecfc8ad6ebced Those were building upgrades now here are general settings http://gyazo.com/b3652b7cbc6b8a13e0daa6137de3fb13 Please reply
  10. kevex1993

    Zoom Problem Th10

    Hello everybody, I guess you are as happy as I am that the Clashbot Team is that fast so that we can bot nearly immediately after the update However I have a Problem now. I´m Th10 with lv9-lv10 Walls and if I´m zoomed normal in (for example at the start of Coc) the bot doesnt zoom out. Maybe because he thinks its already zoomed out i dont know :/ For the 6.0 Clashbot i changed the code a little Bit so that he doesnt look if its already zoomed out but just do it always. Now with the new 6.3 i dont know how to change this again. Anybody an idea or maybe another solution for my problem? Thanks
  11. As above, the latest update of Clash of Clans (7.65) has re-allowed upgrade of walls using Elixer at level 6. A minor "issue" for those using the bot to auto upgrade walls, you can set the bot to upgrade walls at level 6 with the following changes, as the bot currently only upgrades walls with elixer at level 8. 1. Look for "UpgradeWall.au3" inside "root_folder_of_your_CoC_bot/functions/Village/" 2. Replace the following code (it should be found at line 90): If $iUseStorage <> 1 And $icmbWalls < 4 Then SetLog("Wall level too low to upgrade with Elixir", $COLOR_RED) Return EndIf to: If $iUseStorage <> 1 And $icmbWalls < 2 Then SetLog("Wall level too low to upgrade with Elixir", $COLOR_RED) Return EndIf 3. Delete "COC bot.exe" 4. Right click "COC bot.au3" 5. Left click "Compile Script (x86)" 6. Run the newly compiled bot and it should be able to upgrade walls with Elixer from level 6 onwards. Hope I helped.
  12. qingwen

    Cannot Upgrade Walls

    Dear all, I am having some problems upgrading my walls. Screenshots are as attached.. Thanks in advance!
  13. rawkhawk

    Problem with Auto Wall Upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a question about the auto wall function. When I select the Auto Wall Upgrade option to be used, I set my current wall lvl, tell it to only use gold, and set the min level of gold. However, what exactly does the "Find Wall" button do? I clicked it, and it selected a random wall and said "Found Walls at (x,y)" (specific coords). However, whenever the bot runs, it only seems to upgrade a few walls before breaking and not finding anymore walls. I have tested this with each "Tolerance" setting (what does this exactly mean, anyways?), and it always seems to mess up after successfully upgrading 3 or 4 walls. I noticed 1 time it even ended up randomly trying to select laboratory as a wall every iteration. Is there any specific layout I need to set my walls in so that the bot can sucessfully detect and upgrade them without glitching? Would it be better for me to just put all of the walls in a big huge row out in the open, rather than hugged up against my buildings like normal? Thanks for the input. I wasn't able to find any other threads about this, so I apologize if this has already been discussed. Rawk.