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Bot Version: 7.7
Bluestacks Version: Up to date
Windows Version:

  • Windows 10
  • 64 Bit



I set up the trophy push as I did with 7.6, with all barracks building Barbs, Wizards, Wizards, Wizards, Hog Riders, Hog Riders respectively. As I was having the most success with this set up... I let the bot run for an hour unmonitored and when I came back I had dropped 215 trophies. My replays showed the bot attacking bases with the TH in the center of the map costing me 35-40 trophies per attack.


I have since returned to manually sniping or using ClashBot 7.6. I love the idea of Trophy push but there should be an option to to select the distance and position of the TH's you want to attack. and instead of pixels as a measure of distance I think a tile system where you can select a distance of 0 or 1, and only corners would negate any potential losses.


Kind regards

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This option exists and its called  TH distance. 35px is a good value I think depending on your troop composition.



Yeah I understand that, but I'm saying we should have the option of making that distance even smaller. At 35px (How far is 35 px btw, why not just use tiles as a unit of measure?) my troops occasionally attack a TH as far as 4 tiles away from the border allowing for substantial defenses between my troops and the TH.


I understand it's not easy programming the Bot, but these are just my suggestions based on a couple weeks of observing how the bot works. It's definitely getting there but there are still a fair bit of issues regarding this feature. Loot is next level though :)

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To give you additional information, one tile distance in game is approximately equal to 10.85 pixels. A town hall placed directly on the border of the play field will register as about 10 pixels (because we measure from maximum deploy line).


So, by way of example, if you would like to snipe town halls that are between 0-2 tiles, try using the setting 32 pixels (2 tiles * 10.85 pixels + 10 pixels for zero line). You may want to set 35 pixels so you have a margin of error.


I also see that your bot was attacking town halls that were in the middle of the map. Please see this thread, and post any further information there.


Thank you!

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