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i don't speak english


olá, minha sugestão seria na parte de "ATTACK" onde poderia escolher um "minimo" de troféu para atacar,



Minimum Trophy 20


If trophy <20 don't attack

if trophy =>20 attack


ajudaria bastante em quem quer fazer push... estou tentando fazer mas como não tem isto meio que... ataca quase qualquer vila que aparece... obrigado pela atenção!

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yes it is, I forgot this posting, I thought I had created the topic in the Portuguese list


it in my opnion help many botting players in push, the players don't have this option and to try push is harder... the push settings is "attack all villages" or attack dead bases and try do 1 star, my suggestion is add a extra attack module for push... "Max tropphy reward to attack or minimum, in the portuguese i say"


if i add the minium trophies for 20

the bot no attack 19<, only attack =>20

like the minimum resource bar

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