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Bug - No attack

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Good Morning guys


My clashbot is not working, after the click "start MEmu", the log send this message and the clashbot is stopped.


[14:19:51] ClashBot started with modules: AntiAFKModule, WaitingModule, TrophyModule, CollectModule, QuickTrainModule, AttackModule
[14:19:51] [Collect] Starting a collection run...
[14:19:53] [Collect] Done. Collected 0 items
[14:19:53] [ReArm] Trying to rearm all traps/xbow/inferno
[14:19:55] [ReArm] Could not find townhall
[14:19:55] [Build]: Starting to quicktrain.
[14:19:56] [Build] Checking if we can attack now...
[14:19:58] Still waiting for at least one hero to finish recovering.
[14:19:58] [Build] Waiting to let other modules work...
[14:19:58] [Trophy] Disabling everything except AttackModule and TrophyModule
[14:19:58] [Trophy] Looking at troops and heroes
[14:19:58] Bad Army Overview quantity at (118,174): '120'
[14:19:58] [Trophy] Can't drop trophies: no cheap troops or heroes available


When help-me? thanks :)

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3 hours ago, Droni said:

No, my version is 7.16.0 2345. Thanks for help-me :)

Please use the new version, thank you.

2 hours ago, xuxu05 said:
not this bugged you have to complete the entire training camp 240


Please use the new version, thank you.

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