Google Plus Sign-In Error FIXES

Can't Connect to Google in Clash of Clans

I’ve tried a few methods, some of them work and other ones don’t. I will list all of the working methods down below so people aren’t confused. Again, there are confirmed working methods, so they have been proven to work!

  • First you’re going to want to make sure you are using the most up to date version of google play by visiting the My Apps menu.


  • Open Settings and go to Application Manager and then Google Play Services . From here you will want to click Clear Data/Cache.


  • Try to double-tap on the red disconnected button. I’ve found that sometimes this works.


  • Open Google Settings Application and go to Connected Apps then to Clash of Clans and Disconnect and then open the game and try again.


  • Open Settings and go to Accounts, remove whatever account you are using at the moment and then re add it. After you are done doing this check the Sync App Date option.


  • Sometimes it is also because of your connection. Try to use Google DNS ( and then connect to Google again.


If there are any other methods that I have not mentioned, please make sure to mention them below! I will test them out and put them in this post! Good luck with getting your google plus sign in to work!