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How to Farm After the TH11 Update

After the December 2015 Clash of Clans update, a lot of people have been coming to us saying how they are not getting as much resources as they used to due to the changes in the shield and attacking system. I’m going to make this article as easy to understand as I can so you guys could possibly benefit from it. I want to help you maximize your resources per hour to help you better yourself in the game as far as upgrading defenses/troops etc etc.

How To Farm After the TH11 Update

The days of putting your Townhall on the outside and getting a free and easy shield are now over. It’s time to start thinking strategically and making your base layouts hard to attack so you are minimizing the amount of loot that is taken from you at a time. By minimizing the loot that is taken from you, you are better able to save resources to purchase building/troop upgrades. To farm effectively after the update, the best way is to let BoostBot do it for you. BoostBot is a Clash of Clans bot that automatically farms for you 24/7. It will automatically train troops, find bases and attack them. No more infinite nexting, it will find the bases to attack for you!
Set Priorities
Each player has their own priorities when it comes to resources. Some value Gold over Elixir and others value Dark Elixir over Gold. So you have to make a list of what is most important to you. A lot of peoples list would look like: 1. Dark Elixir 2. Gold 3. Elixir. This determines how you will spread out your storages and even your collectors throughout your base. Your inside core will contain your most prized resource, and in this case it is Dark Elixir. So in the middle you will have your Dark Elixir storage and your Town Hall. The second layer will, in this case, contain your Gold storage and then the outer layer will of course be your Elixir storage. You can switch it up and mix Gold AND Elixir storages in your second and third layers, but its all up to you. You can try a certain way for 1 week and then another way for another week and compare your resource loss to know which one to go with.

With these goals you also have to figure what resource you want to target when farming. In most cases you will be targeting gold and elixir or just dark elixir.
A big part of farming now is FREQUENCY. The more you attack, the more loot you will get, no matter what. Also, using a cheaper army also helps seeing as you will constantly be training and constantly attacking. The less elixir you use on troops, the more you will have for other things such as upgrades. But you can’t always be cheap when training your army. Some bases are harder to penetrate and get into for good loot. A very popular army composition is giants, wall breakers, and goblins. This army composition will go a little something like this: Send in your giants to where you think is a good spot to penetrate the base. When defenses are focused on the giants send in your wall breakers to break apart the walls for easier access. Then send in your goblins. Defenses tend to focus on the giants so while your giants are tanking the defenses your goblins go grab you loot. Heroes also play a huge part when farming so you should definitely plan how you will use them in any attack. On the other hand a quick composition like “Barch” will have you a full and decently powerful army of Barbarians or Archers ready to attack in just a few short minutes. In the end it comes down to what town hall level you are, what level your troops are and your trophy range. With any of the attack strategies you choose, you can configure BoostBot to use those troops in coordination with one of our many attacking algorithms.
Army compositions are pretty tricky when trying to find the ‘best’ one. We suggest you play around and try different compositions all the time. You never know, you could come across something great! You definitely want to work on maxing out the troops that you use the most such as archers, barbs, or giants. When farming, the level of your troops have a HUGE impact on the outcome of the battle.