Lords Mobile Hacks

Many people might be wondering if it’s indeed possible to cheat in Lords Mobile? The answer is a big yes,(not that we encourage cheating ?) and there are a huge variety of cheats that can be used such as Hacked game files (APKs / IPAs) to auto collect rewards, calculators and tools to calculate attack results, auto help guild mates for rewards, bots to automate research and production uptime of your barracks, spend all your hearts (stamina), auto farm hero stages, auto upgrade hero gear and so on. Hence, it is safe to say that cheating is possible on both Android, iOS, and Emulators on PC. If you’re interested in these auto farming bots, click here.

Lords Mobile is without any doubt one of the most played games these days across all devices and almost all players naturally would love to be tops on the leaderboards, which is not surprising as certain stages of the game can cause you to become frustrated or worse still kill time. Below are the most popular hacks, cheats, and tips for Lords Mobile enumerated to guide you efficiently through the cheaty waters of Lords Mobile ?

Let’s get started
1– Cheat to half construction & research times
You should start gathering and maintaining a special construction and research gear that you will need to swap when an upgrade begins in Lords Mobile. You can easily reduce the time by using that gear and save a lot of days of upgrades with it. For instance, Sentinel’s Circlet gives a 25% boost and there are multiple gear items associated with that boost in Lords Mobile that you can use to equip yourself.
2 – Cheat Codes in Lords Mobile
Many of you may have searched for cheat codes which are expected to give you extra Gems or bonus. IGG, the developers of Lords Mobile, carry out giveaways occasionally where they hand out codes. You can get these on their Facebook Page. You should follow them and check it out and often enough you can be lucky and use the code to receive a nice extra boost of Gems in Lords Mobile.
3 – The Unlimited Boost Cheat
Executing captured leaders will grant you an army stat boost of up to 38% for 24 hours but the real hack in this strategy is slacking the boost time in Lords Mobile – for instance, you have 16 hours of your boost left and you execute another captured leader, the boost will then increase to 1 day & 16 hours and so on. Therefore, keep executing those leaders and level up your hero altar and with time, you can get a permanent boost for 100+ days.
4 – Infirmaries & Sheltering!
You will get attacked a lot, therefore you have to make sure the capacity of your Infirmaries is high enough to take the wounded soldiers, this will prevent the situation where you have to train them again and it will save you a lot of time and resources. Also make sure that you always shelter your troops and your leader frequently to save a lot of Gems on shields. Therefore, your shelter is your first backup to your leader and your troops and in a situation where you forgot to shelter them, the Infirmaries will take care of the wounded troops to help you remain on track in Lords Mobile. You do not have to watch all the battles in Lords Mobile until the end to get the victory, the trick is to pause it and then leave and you will still get the victory rewarded without spending all the time watching.
Use a Lords Mobile Bot to auto shelter.

Free Gems & Resources For Lords Mobile Hacks
Now let’s have a look at more specific tips that will help you gather more Gems and resources in Lords Mobile.
Tip #1 – The Treasure Gem Multiplier Hack
Use the Treasure Trove 30-Day Deposit as much as possible with as many Gems as possible. This strategy will pretty much double your Gems without any further effort than not being able to use them in the meantime but still, doubling up your Gems is too good to not do it.

#2 – Hyper Farming Cheat
The most successful way of farming resources in Lords Mobile is having only one kind of resource collector and only one of the others. This will help to boost the hourly production rate by far and in most clans, this will be stockpiled in a single bank account. Whether you do this or not, you only need 1 single farm after all for a simple but not so obvious reason which is when you need food in Lords Mobile, you’ll just go out and gather it. The thing is, when you have a decent number of troops, they will eat up your food so you won’t have much left when you produce it yourself and when the food is been eaten away, the troops won’t starve instead give them as few as possible and gather the food you need.
In regards to upgrading you collectors, always upgrade them one-by-one and not fully equally, the boost from getting level 23-25 is doubling so ensure to get any of them to that level fast in Lords Mobile.
However, the true best way to farm is with an auto farming bot. These bots automatically farm for you on unlimited accounts. Check it out here.

A Bonus Tip – Use FreeMyApps, AppBounty, or CashForApps for extra Gems in Lords Mobile
These are the only 3rd party way that works in order to get you free Gems for Lords Mobile without risking any ban! You can download some free apps via AppBounty, CashForApps or FreeMyApps and then turn the credits you earn there into a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play that you can also use to get some Gems via the in-game shop.

If you get AppBounty via AllClash you will be rewarded with extra 50 credits after you downloaded your first free app, this is also a free bonus that you can use to earn more gems.
In total, there are more than $200 worth of gift cards that you can use to buy about 44,000 Gems without spending one single dollar in as low as a month.
Make sure you follow the above procedures accordingly to enjoy the full benefits.

Lords Mobile Redeem Promo Codes (December 2021)

Lords Mobile flaunts in excess of 200 million players all over the worldand it is one of the most famous versatile games on both Android and iOS.

Below are the Working Codes in the month of December 2021.

  • LM001

Incinerator *10
Braveheart *1
100 VIP Points *3
Speed Up (10 m) *10
Speed Up Research (10 m) *10
150,000 Food *10
50,000 Stones *10
50,000 Ore *10
50,000 Timber *10
50,000 Gold *10


Relocator *1
50,000 Gold *1
150,000 Ore *1
150,000 Timber *1
150,000 Stones *1
500,000 Food *1
Speed Up Research (3 h) *5
Speed Up Training (3 h) *5
Speed Up (3 h) *1
[Rare]Material Chest *1
2,000 Energy *1
100 VIP Points *5

  • 2021LORDS

50,000 Gold *1
150,000 Ore *1
150,000 Timber *1
150,000 Stones *1
500,000 Food *1
Random Relocator *1
Speed Up Research (60 m) *5
Speed Up (60 m) *5
2,000 Energy *1
100 VIP Points *5