PGBot – The #1 Pokemon Go Bot

We are sorry to say that we have discontinued the Pokemon Go Bot.
This may not be forever, so please check back here periodically for status updates.

We still offer bots for over 40 other games.

Pokemon Go

What is a Pokémon Go Bot?

A Pokémon Go bot automates gameplay in the augmented reality game. It performs activities like catching Pokémon and visiting PokéStops automatically. The appeal of such bots is their ability to save time and effort. Players can accumulate resources and Pokémon with minimal input.

Where Can I Bot Pokémon Go?

Currently, botting Pokémon Go is not a viable option. The ability to use bots has been significantly restricted.

What Happened to PGBot?

PGBot was a popular bot for Pokémon Go that has been discontinued. The main reason was the extensive developer effort required to maintain it. Frequent updates and changes in the game necessitated continuous adjustments to PGBot. This led to the decision to shut down the bot.

Will PGBot Ever Be Back?

The future of PGBot remains uncertain. There is a possibility of its revival, depending on various factors. Those interested should keep an eye on updates regarding its status. The decision to bring back PGBot would involve careful consideration.

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