Last Shelter Survival Bot

Works on Android, iOS, Mac & PC!

Last Shelter Survival Bot

What is a LSS Bot?

A LSS bot is a program designed to save you time in game, especially for those who use multiple accounts. The bot is completely safe to use and automatically builds, upgrades buildings and gathers resources. It can even automatically transfer your resources to your main.

Why farm with an LSS Bot?

Many LSS players already know the many benefits of farm accounts, but the downfall is the amount of time and effort they take to create and manage. An auto LSS bot can work 24/7 on unlimited accounts which takes all the pressure off of you and increases your farming efficiency!

Why use our LSS bot?

We are able to provide bot support on the support forums, discord chat and are easily reached through social media. Above all, we wish to make your experience with BoostBot as good as possible and have been providing mobile game bots to over 1 million users since 2015.