Call of Dragons Bot

The Call of Dragons bot is a tool that plays Call of Dragons for you. It automatically farms and plays the game on unlimited accounts so you can save time and progress fast.
  • Android, iOS, Mac, & PC
  • 24/7 Support
  • All 5 Star Ratings
Call Of Dragons Bot On All Devices

Save Time

Using the Call of Dragons Bot allows you to automates the boring parts of the game that would have taken up hours of your day. How much is your time worth?

Save Money

In-game microtransactions and gems are expensive. With CoD Bot, you’ll never need to purchase anything in game again and you’ll receive 100x the resource reward at a much lower cost.

Unlimited Accounts

Many people have farm accounts, but they can only play on so many. With the Call of Dragons Bots, there is no longer any limits. You can bot on any number of accounts 24/7.

The Best Bot For Call of Dragons

The Call of Dragons bot was designed to be the best. Nothing else can compete. The bot offers unmatched customization, it’s the easiest to set up, we provide the best support, and we have the most features.

Auto Hunt Darklings in Your Sleep

Imagine botting on unlimited farm accounts in your sleep. Each bot would be automatically gathering, hunting darkling’s, exploring the map, upgrading buildings, auto using elixir, and so much more.

BoostBot Testimonials

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
BoostBot support is the best of any bot out there. The bots have been a game changer. Using the bot for me service is incredible, they take care of everything!
TrustPilot Review
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Great bot, even better service.

The bot works great. Good service, gleets helped me a lot!
Eric Forero
TrustPilot Review

Download The Call of Dragons Bot for Free

Download our Call of Dragons Bot for free on Windows 10+ PCs, or select our Bot Server or Farm For Me service to bot on Android, iOS, or Mac.

call of dragons bot free


Can’t Beat


✅Instant Delivery
Unlimited Accounts
❌Free Settings Only
❌Limited Access Only
✅Server is Running 24/7
❌Limited Support

call of dragons bot PRO


As Low As


✅Instant Delivery
Unlimited Accounts
✅All Premium Settings
✅Full Access
✅Server is Running 24/7
✅Priority Support

cloud bot server


As Low As


Works on All Devices
✅Delivery in 24 Hours
Unlimited Accounts
❌You Manage the Bot
✅Server is Running 24/7

You will receive a cloud server with the bot pre-installed. This plan includes the pro license. You are responsible for adding your accounts and configuring the bot.

Coming SOON – farm for me service


As Low As


Works on All Devices
✅Delivery in 24 Hours
One Account
✅No Work Required
✅Server is Running 24/7

This is a service. You will not need to download anything. Instead, you will share your account information and we will add your account to our bot server. You get to choose your settings.

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What does the Call of Dragons bot do?

You can think of our Call of Dragons bot as an AI program that plays Call of Dragons for you 24/7 on unlimited accounts. It takes your farm accounts and brings them alive.

How Does the CoD Bot Work?

The bot uses an Android emulator to play Call of Dragons on PC. CoDBot then uses image recognition to see and interact with the game just like a human would. The BoostBot AI makes decisions and runs scripts based off the settings and goals you choose.

Call of Dragons Bot Features

BoostBot’s Call of Dragons bot is designed in a way that gives you the ability to configure the bot to play exactly as you wish. We have plenty of configurable settings to choose from and plan to offer many more in the future.

  • Works on Mobile – Options for Android, iOS Phones and Tablets, and Mac PCs
  • Works on PC – Full Support for Windows 10+ PCs
  • Unmatched Support – 24/7 Support via Discord & Livechat.
  • Free Updates – We are constantly updating the bot.
  • Unlimited Farms – Bot on as many accounts as you like
  • Auto Gather Resources and Darklings
  • Auto Gather Gems
  • Auto Use Shield
  • Auto Daily Rewards
  • Auto Fog Clearing
  • Auto Healing Troops
  • Auto Use Inventory Items
  • Auto Merchant
  • Auto Technology Research
  • Auto Construction
  • Alliance Support
  • Auto Recruit Heroes
  • Auto Explore Map
  • Auto Troop Recall
  • Auto Building Upgrades
  • Auto Quest and Mail Rewards
  • Bazaar Support
  • Much More!

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