Step 1: Download BoostBot on Windows 10+

Click the button below to download BoostBot. Extract the ZIP file. Run the .JAR and follow the instructions.

Make sure you have Java JRE and JDK installed on your computer.
Download JRE here.
Download JDK here.

Your Windows username and folder path cannot contain any non English characters.

Don’t have or want to bot on a Windows PC?

Let us Bot For You
Use a Bot Server

Step 2: Install an Emulator

An emulator allows you to run an Android mobile operating system on your computer.

Step 1: Install The Emulator
Step 2: Run The Emulator at Least One Time to Finish Configuration Process
Step 3: Register or Log In to a Google Play Account
Step 4: Disable Auto-App Updates in Your Google Settings

BoostBot only works with the emulators listed below.

LD Player V5 or V9.0.13+



Step 3: Start Botting

Once you set up one account, you can easily setup infinite accounts! Make sure to purchase the premium version of the bot here.

Step 1: Select Your Emulator and Game

You will need to first log in to the bot, to do that you need a BoostBot account. You can make one here.

Select the emulator and game from the dropdowns. Click save and continue.

Select Emulator And Game
Create Emulator

Step 2: Create Emulator Instances

It is recommended to run the emulator at least one time manually so that it finishes all configurations after installation.

Create at least one emulator instance by pressing the “Create” button (you can also manually create the emulators in the emulator itself). This process may take a couple minutes, please do not close the bot until the process is finished!

It is recommended to NOT delete the first emulator instance.

Step 3: Create A BoostBot Instance

Give your instance a name and select one or more emulators that the bot should use on the instance.

Important! Using the same emulator on multiple BoostBot instances will lead to conflicts.

Press the “Create Instance” button and proceed to the last step by pressing the “Continue” button.

The bot will automatically assign the first (primary) emulator if none is selected.

Create Boostbot Instance

Step 4: Settings

Select the game that you want the bot to play for you from the list menu in the “Scripts” tab. Go through all the available options and set the bot up the way you want it to play. Drag and drop the available tasks in the menu to determine the order in which the bot should execute them.

Tasks and options marked with a “Crown” icon can be enabled or configured by purchasing our premium subscription.

BoostBot can work with multiple emulators. After completing all tasks it will close the current emulator and open the next one. You can configure the emulators that are tied to the current BoostBot instance in the “Emulators” tab.

You can also save your script settings to file in the “Scripts” menu and tell the bot to use different settings on different emulators by selecting the settings file in the “Emulators” menu next to the emulator checkbox.

The bot is able to change accounts within game (if the game supports that). Simply enter the in-game username and/or email into the “Accounts” table. For example on Last Shelter it will use the “IM30” account switching option and look for values on screen that match what you’ve entered. If it ends up missing an account it’ll print the closest match into the log, so that you can modify the values.

Close the menu and save your settings. It may take some time for the settings to save, as the bot will also attempt to reconfigure the emulators if needed.

Press Play!

The bot is now configured, press the play button and enjoy!

If you wish to reconfigure a LSS Bot instance press the “Cog” button to reopen the configuration menu.