Captcha Resolution with BoostBot (Rise of Kingdoms and Call of Dragons)

BoostBot integrates with the 2Captcha service for handling captchas, also known as human verification challenges, in certain games like Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) and Call of Dragons (CoD). This is a third-party service that incurs a fee, with detailed pricing available on the 2Captcha official website.

Setting Up 2Captcha

If your game requires captcha solving, you’ll find a “Human Verification” section within the configuration menu of your BoostBot instance.

To begin, create an account on the 2Captcha website and deposit some funds. The cost per captcha attempt is approximately $0.0012, though you should consult 2Captcha for the most current rates. After logging into your 2Captcha account, transfer the “API Key” from your account page to the “Human Verification” section of BoostBot and click “Save Key”.

With this setup, BoostBot will automatically send captcha challenges to 2Captcha when they’re encountered in-game. The captchas will be solved by human operators, and the solutions will be relayed back to BoostBot.

Please be aware that captcha resolution times can vary. You can monitor the status of your submitted captchas directly from your 2Captcha account page.