Script rules, a feature introduced in BoostBot version 5.12.18 on November 16, 2023, are universal settings that can be applied across all scripts, offering users enhanced control over each script’s execution. These rules are particularly beneficial for implementing anti-ban strategies in games where there’s a risk of account suspension, such as Rise of Kingdoms and Call of Dragons.

List of Rules

  1. Script Activation on Specific Days: Scripts will be run only on the days selected, according to the in-game calendar.
  2. Time-Specific Script Execution: Scripts will be executed only during a specified time range, based on in-game time.Example: If configured, a script will run only when the in-game time is between 00:15 and 15:30.
  3. Adjusting Script Timeout: This rule modifies the default timeout period (in minutes) for the script in question.
  4. Scheduled Breaks: Upon completing a script, BoostBot will enter a break period, idling for a randomly chosen duration within the specified minimum and maximum limits (in minutes). During this break, BoostBot may also close the game.
  5. Script Cooldown: Implements a cooldown period for the script once it’s completed, preventing immediate re-execution.
  6. Script Skipping: After a script is completed, BoostBot will bypass a random number of subsequent scripts in the queue.
  7. Random Actions Post-Script: Following the completion of a script, BoostBot will carry out a randomly chosen set of actions for a predetermined duration.