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Clash of Clans Update Information #1

As most of you probably know, Supercell came out with an update this December. This update contained major changes in the game including shield changes and a lot of cosmetic upgrades. We will do our best to help you understand this new update, so stay tuned :).

Townhall Destruction

The first thing we have heard about is the improvements in the shield system. Something very new about shields is the fact that Townhall destruction no longer grants a shield. This will force many players to put their Townhalls on the inside of their bases instead of the outside for an easy 12 hour shield. Another big change is that you no longer break your entire shield when you go out and farm. Instead, you just break part of your shield, so time gets subtracted from your current shield.

“Under this new system, it will be entirely possible to get attacked, get a shield, and then attack two or even three times without forfeiting all of your shield. At the same time, we’re changing how shields are acquired:

A 12-hour shield is granted at 30% destruction

A 14-hour shield is granted at 60% destruction

A 16-hour shield is granted at 90% destruction

However, NO SHIELD is granted if the attacker does not deploy at least 1/3rd of a full army” (Supercell Forums).

There were clearly a lot of problems with the current shield system, such problems include

-Wanting to get a shield is a little too troublesome.

-if you have good defense it’s hard to get a long shield.

-shields discourage farming and attacking because you want to keep your shield.

-Shields are rewarded to players who don’t defend. This hurts trophy flow and resource flow, making attacking boring and unrewarding.

Fairer Defenses – Better Raids – More Clash

The Clash of Clans Team wants to uphold our original intention of helping players recover safely and productively from their defense losses. Along with the Village Guard concept, explained in the next post, changes to shield acquisition should help ensure that no player has to defend without a fair opportunity to recover.

The limit for acquiring a 12-hour shield has been lowered from 40% to 30% destruction on defense. Additionally, there is a new 14-hour shield that is acquired from 60% destruction, regardless of Town Hall destruction. Victory and defeat conditions for battles remain unchanged, but players will, on average, be getting more shield than they used to, more reliably.

Conversely, players who try to work around the shield system will get no shield at all. Attacks of less than 50% maximum army capacity (based on the Army Camp, Clan Caste and Hero capacity of the defender’s Town Hall level) will not grant any shield, regardless of the destruction done. Leaving the Town Hall outside to get “sniped” will become an incredibly poor idea.

There is a huge upside to making sure all players defend fairly: more and better targets in matchmaking. With the upcoming shield, loot and Trophy changes, Clashers will be defending more, offering more to attackers, but also attacking more and fighting for more from every attack. Clash is healthiest and the most exciting when all players are active and engaged in the back-and-forth between attack and defense, so we feel strongly that this is the right direction for the future of Clash.

However, we’re not done! To help make our revamped shield system even better and address even more of its current flaws, we will be introducing the new Village Guard and changes to the Personal Break system in the next post. Stay tuned!” (Supercell Forums:

This post by Supercell basically explains what type of new shields there will be and how this new shield system to work. This will change the way people play this game seeing as its not as easy to get a shield and people are rewarded for attacking with MORE troops and more frequently. So what do you guys think of this new system?


For more information on how this will effect our bot, read this post:

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Clash of Clans Halloween Update / ClashCon Information!

As many of you might know, Supercell is likely preparing a special update to their most popular game Clash of Clans for Halloween. Hints have shown that this will be no minor update, such as a 30 minute maintenance break, but will include major changes to the landscape and how the game is played.

The update is confirmed to be Halloween themed. It will change the looks of a lot of things including settings and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of a lot of buildings. Rumors have been going around that Supercell will introduce nighttime game play into the game, and I don’t know about you but that sounds awesome to me. I am very curious as to how this will change game play such as farming or even raiding in a clan war.

It has been reported that as night falls, buildings will glow from the inside with torches as well as gems will glow up the battlefield or your base. This will obviously looks extremely cool, but how will this affect people attacks? Visibility will obviously be a lot worse, so I think attacks will be a lot more challenging. But this adds nothing but a new challenge which in turn raises the interests of players. A lot of people think that Clash of Clans is just a casual game that people play and don’t really care about, but that is simply not the case. There is an extremely competitive side to the game where people compete to see who can gain the most trophies and stay in the highest league. This new feature that is being implemented into the game either has a lot of people curious and excited as to how this will effect attacks or worried and nervous that they won’t like it.

As for the people who do NOT like the idea of attacking while its ‘Nighttime’ in Clash of Clans, I have good news. This will be a SWITCHABLE option, so you can turn it off and on as you please. Though I think it is kind of weird that something that could have such a possible huge impact on the way people go about attacking and defending could just easily be switched off and on. But we will see how Supercell has managed to keep its balance in the game soon enough.

People who want more information about this upcoming update should definitely be looking forward to going to ClashCon. This year’s ClashCon will be the very first major convention for the game Clash of Clans. Expectations are high for ClashCon as it is expected that Supercell will be releasing a lot of information on future updated to the game as well as information on how the game will look and feel and function in the future. No one knows if developers are going to be dropping any major hints or spoilers just yet, we will just have to wait and find out! Some say that Clash of Clans is one of the fastest developing games the app store has ever seen so far. The numbers of people that have downloaded the game have grown exponentially in such a short amount of time it is crazy.

Sneak peaks about the upcoming update will also becoming out on this blog as they are posted on Supercells official forum. We will make sure to keep you guys updated, but as for now.. Clash on!


Google Plus Sign-In Error FIXES

Can't Connect to Google in Clash of Clans

I’ve tried a few methods, some of them work and other ones don’t. I will list all of the working methods down below so people aren’t confused. Again, there are confirmed working methods, so they have been proven to work!

  • First you’re going to want to make sure you are using the most up to date version of google play by visiting the My Apps menu.


  • Open Settings and go to Application Manager and then Google Play Services . From here you will want to click Clear Data/Cache.


  • Try to double-tap on the red disconnected button. I’ve found that sometimes this works.


  • Open Google Settings Application and go to Connected Apps then to Clash of Clans and Disconnect and then open the game and try again.


  • Open Settings and go to Accounts, remove whatever account you are using at the moment and then re add it. After you are done doing this check the Sync App Date option.


  • Sometimes it is also because of your connection. Try to use Google DNS ( and then connect to Google again.


If there are any other methods that I have not mentioned, please make sure to mention them below! I will test them out and put them in this post! Good luck with getting your google plus sign in to work!

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Lets Talk About Spells

Dark Spells Vs. Regular Spells

Recently the dark elixir spells were introduced in to the game. I will be explaining the differences in each spell and what they are used for specifically. Now a lot of people including myself didn’t think these spells would be too useful seeing as they could do the same thing as rage and lightning spells such as kill defending troops and or structures in an enemy’s base.

Dark elixir spells focus on mainly one thing, and that is enemy troops or structures. They can be made extremely fast compared to regular spells and are half the space. These spells are more specialized to do one thing so they aren’t meant to completely ‘replace’ the old spells.

A lot of you might wonder to yourself why you would still use regular spells, well I will tell you below.

The Rage Spell

Even though the haste spell is only half the space of a rage spell, that doesn’t mean you should stop using the rage spell. Keep in mind that the rage spell still gives a damage bonus to your troops, whereas the haste only gives a speed bonus. Now if you only need a speed bonus, then It would definitely be more effective to go with the haste spell seeing as you can get 2 for the space of 1 rage spell.

The rage spell is most effective when used on balloons or dragons. A lot of people usually ask what is better to use with an all dragon raid, haste or rage. Well, a dragon’s speed is obviously very slow and they attack basically whatever is in front of them. The smart thing to do is to use rage spells so your dragons blow through buildings quickly and get through a base as fast as they can. A haste spell would increase their speed, but they still do not move through bases as easy seeing as they don’t get a damage bonus.

The Lightning Spell

Well, the lighting spell is now compared to two different spells. These spells would be the poison spell and the earthquake spell. Both of these spells have something in common with the lighting spell in that one does damage to troops and one does damage to walls and buildings. But the lighting spell, however, does damage to both.

Lightning Spell Vs. Poison Spell

The lightning spell is most commonly used for taking out defense troops or air defenses/mortars for war raids. This is extremely effective with dragon raids seeing as you have one less air defense to worry about, making the raid a lot easier in many ways. Lightning spells are also very good for taking out defending clan castle troops. All you need is one lighting spell and to gather all of the enemies cc troops as tightly as you can. By using lightning spells to take out enemy CC troops, you are using less of your own troops to take them out so you will have more for the actual raid. Also, by only using one lightning spell, you have more room for other spells for your raid. This strategy of taking out CC troops with a lightning spell is most commonly used with the GoWiPe or GoWiWi raid. (I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND USING A LIGHTNING SPELL TO TAKE OUT CC TROOPS OVER POISON SPELLS, seeing as with a lightning spell the death of the CC troops are basically instant whereas poison just kills them over time.

Lightning Spell vs The Earthquake Spell

The earthquake spell is very effective went wanting an access point into a base that you are raiding. This is where the lightning spell falls. The lightning spell is good for damaging one small little area (this has been improved even more so due to the September 2015 update in which you can read about here: whereas the earthquake spell is extremely good for damaging a slightly large area of damage (but is very effective against walls).

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The Best TH8 Farming/War Base Layouts

Farming Bases

As a Town Hall 8 you want to be farming quickly so that you can get up further into the game. Become a Town Hall 9 and get an Archer Queen and X-Bows! It is important to max out all your buildings, troops and most especially your walls. Having all Level 8 walls really helps you at Town Hall 9 and makes you less vulnerable to better Town Hall 9s and 10s. I would recommend that Town Hall 8s farm in the region of Silver I – Gold II (1200-1600 Trophies). Here the loot is good and there aren’t as many Town Hall 9 and above who will try and steal your loot.

Niner Terminator!

As you can see from the image this farming base design’s main purpose is to protect the a Dark Elixir storage (in the middle of the base). Dark Elixir is very important for a Town Hall 8 player because it is used to upgrade the Barbarian King and Dark Troops. The only problem is that due to the lack of X-Bows and Inferno Towers it is very easy for Town Hall 9 and 10 players to steal Dark Elixir (and also gold elixir).

This base is named “The Niner Terminator” because of its ability to defend attacks against Town Hall 9s and above. It is arguably one of the best Town Hall 8 farming bases.

This base exploits Troop AI (Artificial Intelligence) by creating a funnel which cause Giants, Hogs, Golems and Balloons (etc.) to travel around the base instead of penetrating into the middle of the base where the Dark Elixir Storage is. This funnelling protects the base from most Giant, Balloon and Hog based attacks. Even the gold and elixir storages are protected well if the troops stay on the outer layer of the base.

“The Niner Terminator” is specially protected against the Barch strategy (Barbarians + Archers). The storages are all in the middle of the base and are all protected by Wizard Towers (Splash Damage). All 4 Mortars (Splash Damage) cover the whole of the main base and alot of the outer buildings are also protected.

The Air Defences protect a very large proportion of the base which defends from Air Attacks such as Dragons which is used frequently by Town Hall 8 users.

If any troop reaches the core of the base they will be quickly destroyed by the high DPS (Damage Per a Second) defences such as Hidden Teslas, Archer Towers and Cannons which will target the troop and eliminate it quickly.

A centralised Clan Castle means that it is not easy to lure out Clan Castle troops which can cause problems for the attacker later on. The Barbarian King is also in the core of the base for optimised Dark Elixir Storage protection.

If a Town Hall 8 or below attacks you (while using this base design) it is likely that only 2/6 storages will be destroyed and the Dark Elixir Storage will be untouched.

If a Town Hall 9 or 10 attacks you it is likely that 3-5 of the storages will be destroyed (depending on attack strategy used) but it is likely the Dark Elixir Storage will remain unscathed.

What the enemy will see!

Traps highlighted!

Summary: This base is perfect for defending your loot from Barch and Giant Based Attacks. If you are struggling to retain Dark Elixir then I would suggest switching to this base design. I would not recommend using this as a pushing or war base!

The Edge!

This farming base is named “The Edge” because of its tendency to cause troops to remain on the outer section of the base.

Like “The Niner Terminator” it’s main purpose is to protect the Dark Elixir Storage located in the centre of the base. Hidden Teslas, Giant Bombs and at least one Mortar are all protecting the centre where the Dark Elixir Storage is located. Every Storage is in its own wall compartment which means that attackers will take longer to move through the base preventing them from stealing as much loot from you.

This base is symmetrical which means that there is no side which is easy to penetrate into the core of the base. There are no structural defects of this base and even though you see a wall missing (on all four sides) from the base this is to help funnelling. If you like you can place walls there to stop troops being allowed easily into the first layer but the purpose of it is to distract Giants and other Defence-seeking Troops. Due to the first layer of the inner base being mostly made up of defences it creates a trap for Giants and other Defence-seeking troops and causes them to run around the outside therefore protecting your storages especially the Dark Elixir storage.

The Mortars are spread evenly within base, covering a large area which includes other defences and ALL storages. The Wizard Towers are protecting all the Gold and Elixir storages and in combination with the mortars defends this base well against Barch due to the effective use of splash damage.

The Air a Defences are spread in the base so that they cover the whole area which defends well against Dragons and Balloons. In combination with Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines which are located on the outer section (to deal more with minions) and inner section (to deal with balloons and/or even Lava Hounds).

The Spring Traps and Normal Bombs are located on the first layer of the inner base and they help get rid of troops like Giants and Hogs which will be travelling around the edges of the base. They are placed in areas between openings in the walls where troops will walk into due to their AI. The walls in this base are placed so that it is difficult for Wall breakers to break into multiple compartments.

Traps and Hidden Teslas!

What the enemy sees!

Summary: This base is extremely effective against Giant and other Defence-seeking troop based strategies but is more vulnerable to attack by Barch than “The Niner Terminator”. If the Town Hall was moved into the core of the base it could be used as a war/push base but I’m about to show you some even better War Bases!

War Bases

As a Town Hall 8 you may have noticed that in wars the main attack strategies are Dragons and GoWiPe (Golems, Wizards and PEKKAs). This is why it is very important to have a base which can defend against these army compositions. The less stars the enemy have, the more chance you have of winning. Remember! Every Star Counts!

The Officer

Although you may not have seen this base alot, don’t underestimate its power to exploit Troop AI and cause people to get a 1 star while attacking this base.

As loot doesn’t matter in war, the storages are placed on the outside or in the first layer of the base. This means that there are many buildings with high hitpoints on the outside which may slow down troops and cause Golems and Giants to wander off. Almost all building are protected by at least one defence which stops the attacker from getting free percentage points from the base. There are not many buildings on the outside which stops people easily Barching a 1 star.

The wall layout prevents Wall Breakers from breaking into multiple compartments. The wall layout also tricks Wall Breakers into breaking walls to the sides instead of going towards the core.

The numbers indicate the waves of Wall Breakers. (Eg. 1 – First Wave, 2 – Second wave)

Centralised Air Defences and Air Sweeper makes this base very effective against Air Attacks especially Dragons. The Air Defences cover a large area of the base and overlap eachother to cause cumulative damage against a high health air troop like a a Dragon or Lava Hound.

There are lots of defences in range of the core which means that there is a high DPS in this area. Tank troops like Golems and Giant will easily be destroyed here which leaves lower health troops and enemy heroes vulnerable. This can prevent the enemy attacker from getting a 2 star on your base!

The Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines are all located in the core of the base which means that if any air troops get into the centre of the base they will take a lot of damage. This would be vital if lava hounds were being used. 2 of the 3 Giant Bombs are located in the core of the base where they can take out multiple units. The Skeleton Traps are near to the Town Hall so that enemy troops will be distracted by the skeletons and refrain from attacking the Town Hall for a short time period. The Bombs are scattered around the first layer of the base and are aimed at damaging lower health troops like wizards and archers. Spring traps are placed near the wall intersections so that they can get rid of Wall Breakers and/or incoming Giants.

Due to the position of the defences on this base wherever the enemy attacks from they will always be subjected to a funnel created by this base. It takes an experienced attacker to overcome this funnel.

Red circles indicate where troops are deployed!

Arrows indicate where troops will move after being deployed.

This shows how Defence-Targeting Troops will move to the sides instead of into the core leaving other troops vulnerable to attack and ultimately destroying chance of a 2 or 3 star. The Spring Traps work with this funnelling system and will get rid of troops which are moving to the sides instead of the core.

Here is another case and this shows that no matter where the troops are deployed from they will always be subjected to this funnel on this base layout.

Summary: This base design is definitely a good one to be used in war. It provides great defence against Air Attacks like Dragons/Balloons, GoWiPe and Barch. It is a difficult base to 2 or 3 star so would help your clan in wars. The only problem with this exact base layout is that it is vulnerable to Hogs. If you were to use this as a war base I would recommend you switch some buildings around in the core to make Double Giant Bombs in order to combat against Hogs. This base could be also used as a pushing base but the storages should be moved inside.

The Turtle

This base does have a lot of outside buildings and some are not protected by defences. This is to make the distance where the enemy attacker can place troops to the first layer of walls larger. This means that troops will take longer to reach the walls and be subjected to more damage from the defences. This is very effective against Dragons as they may not even enter the base when the attacker wanted them to.

The red dots represent where Dragons or other Non-Defence Targeting are deployed.

Due to their Troop AI instead of moving into the base they will move to nearest building which will take them around the base. By the time they enter the base the troops will be damaged and have a less chance of getting a 2 star.

This base is named “The Turtle” because of its hard “Shell” or strong Wall Layers. This base has some Wall intersections which jut out slightly from the rest of the base and this can distract Wall Breakers and cause them to destroy unnecessary Walls which ultimately will cause the Troops to move in an unintended path.

Here is an example of this Wall Breaker Pathing. The Black Line represents the path the enemy attacker wanted their Wall Breakers to move in. The Red Line represents the path that will most likely be taken by the Wall Breakers.

Clan Castle is centralised so it is not very easy for enemy attacker to lure out troops. They will have to sacrifice some of their own troops to lure the Clan Castle.

If troops were to get into the core of this base they would be destroyed quickly and it would take a strong raid to get the Town Hall down as well as the 50% in order to get a 2 star. The Hidden Teslas, all Four Mortars and 3 Archer Towers are all in range of the Town Hall in the centre of the base. This is a very high DPS which can easily take down Golems and other high health troops and leave lower health troops vulnerable. The Giant Bombs are all located in the core of the base. This makes it Anti-Hogs and also does a lot of damage to troops.

You might be thinking…Why is there an exposed cannon on the outside of the base?
This cannon will distract Giants, Balloons, Hogs (etc) that are placed in the area of the attack. This will buy time for the defender and cause the enemy troops to take unnecessary damage.

Summary: This base is very good against Hogs and Air Attacks due to its spread buildings and Giant Bomb placement. If the attacker is experienced it wouldn’t be too difficult to overcome but it is definitely a solid base and should be used. This base can also be used as a pushing base.

Note: Your base will always do better when all of the buildings, defences, traps and walls are at the Maximum level for Town Hall 8.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope it helps you out!

Linking Your Clash of Clans Account to Bluestacks!

Bluestacks App Player is an Android emulator that allows you to play Clash of Clans on your computer. After downloading the app player, one may be lost when it comes to linking your Clash of Clans account to Bluestacks. The following steps will seamlessly walk you through the proper steps to linking your account properly to the Android emulator.
If you have a Clash of Clans account on an Android device, linking your account to Bluestacks is very straightforward.
Step 1:
Open Bluestacks App Player and select All Apps
Step 2:
Open your Bluestack settings and go to Advanced Settings
Step 3:
Press Add Account and select Google
Step 4:
To add your existing account press Existing. If you want to create a new account select New. Then enter your email and password.
Step 5:
Enter your Google account that your Clash of Clans account is linked to
Step 6:
Open the Clash of Clans application. A “One Time Setup” screen may appear. If you haven’t done so already, enable app sync by pressing continue and typing your email and password again.
Once you have successfully enabled app sync, the following screen will appear. Press “Let’s Go!”
Step 7:
Clash of Clans will now open. Once it has loaded, a “Sign in” button will appear in the upper left corner of Bluestacks. Press Sign In. Note: If you are prompted to install “Google Play Games” then press install and install it to your Bluestacks.
After you have signed in, you will be prompted to load your village.
Your Android account is now successfully linked to Bluestacks! 
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Clash of Clans September Update Sneak Peeks!

Hello ClashBot users,

Today there were a couple ‘unofficial’ sneak peeks about the upcoming update to Clash of Clans. These sneak peaks were found on reddit so we cannot vouch for them 100%, but we are pretty sure that they could definitely become in game features!

sneak peaks bro

The first sneak peek was a post  found on This post explained that someone found a 7.200.1 build config file from Supercell. The post goes on to show some of the code that Supercell was using in the new version of Clash of Clans and by the looks of it, it does show some new features. Such as the “alliance_donate_button_spell” feature.

It seems that supercell is adding the ability to donate spells to clan mates for clan wars. This means a lot of things when it comes to clan wars and farming. TH8s or TH9s could possibly be able to receive TH10 spells such as the freeze spell. This will impact clan wars hugely, opening up new doors for new attack strategies or strengthening existing attack strategies. For an example: A TH9 paired against a TH10, if an alliance member that was a TH10 could donate a freeze spell to the TH9, the TH9 would have such a greater chance in being able to 2-3 star the enemy TH10 by freezing its inferno towers or xbows. I know many people will get very creative when using this new feature (if it is a new feature), so we will just have to see what is to comeJ.

UPDATE: We have just learned about a new feature called tie breaking. This allows clans who have tied in a clan war to determine the real winner. We have no real information about how the ‘real’ winner will be decided, but this is definitely a cool idea seeing as people would definitely rather have another shot at winning instead of settling for a tie.

clan war tiebreaker


The reddit post can be found here for those who are interested in seeing possible new features:


Supercell has just released sneak peek #1 on their website! These sneak peeks have come straight from Supercell so they ARE 100% confirmed. Supercell has also confirmed that there will be a big update announced at ClashCon in October, but for now they are releasing information on the update that is coming to us even sooner.


Sneak Peek #1!

A new lighting spell has arrived! You an now upgrade your lightning spell to level 7. Level 6 lightning spell is now available at Townhall 9 and levels 5 and 6 lighting spells now deal even more damage! To watch the lighting spell in action go here


Sneak Peek #2!

Supercell has just released another sneak peek to its upcoming update.

Upgrades to more spells! The lightning spell, poison, earthquake, and freeze spells have all been upgraded!

  • Poison spells deal damage a bit differently now. They start off dealing small amounts of damage and they build up to deal a lot of damage.
  • Poison spells also lower defending troops attack speed.
  • EQ spells do a lot more damage initially, but repeated use in the same spot decrease the amount of damage dealt.


Sneak Peek #3!

Townhall 10s have been blessed with 25 more walls. This opens the door to difference base builds such as war bases/farming bases/trophy bases.

Level 11 walls have received a makeover, but they still cost the same to build and have the same amount of HP.

What does this update mean for Boostbot?

Well, after this update occurs we will be down for maintenance. By the looks of this update, it isn’t very big so we should not be down for a large amount of time. But you should definitely expect some down time. For more information on why the bot will be down you can look at our article found here.

How To Change Your Language In Bluestacks!

Hey! It’s Mat here! Are you having trouble with your Clashbot? Are you encountering many errors that seem to not go away no matter what you do? Well in this guide I will be showing you how to change your language in Bluestacks which could potentially save you from the countless errors your getting in the bot! Below I will be showing the steps to change it to ENGLISH, which is the language Clashbot is compatible with!

Step 1: Open up Bluestacks and when the first screen appears, click on the “All Apps” button. Then continue to find the Bluestacks “Settings” App.




Step 2: Now look at the bottom of screen and click on “Advanced Settings”.



Step 3: Now, under the personal tab, click on the “Language & Input” menu.



Step 4: Then the first option should be “Language”. Click it!



Step 5: Now you will be shown the list of languages. Obviously you will scroll down to “English” and select it.



Step 6: You’re done! This should eliminate some of the error you’re having when it comes to having a different language set! If this helped you, feel free to leave a like!

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How To Change Your Clash of Clans To English

Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to be telling you how to set your Clash of Clans to English, seeing as our bot only works when the application is in English.

First you’re going to want to open Clash of Clans in Bluestacks. Once open, click the ‘Settings’ Icon in the bottom right.

Then click ‘Language’

And English should be right up at the top. After choosing the language, your game will reload. Once its loaded you should be ready to begin botting!

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ClashBot’s Tips and Tricks Week 1

Hello Everyone,

I am starting this series because i know a lot of new players need hints and tips to get a better understanding on how the game is played. In this series i will point out a few tips that will benefit mainly lower leveled players, and then a few tips that could benefit anyone. I hope you guys enjoy this series and it helps at least someone :).

Always Remove Obstacles and Save Your Gems

Obstacles such as trees, bushes, and rocks will occasionally be spawned on the outside of your base. These obstacles will only spawn when you are offline, so depending on how much a player plays they will either get a lot of obstacles or very few. If you remove these obstacles, they will occasionally grant the player gems, which can be very helpful. This allows a player to gain gems for free, and in turn save them up for another builders hut/upgrade etc etc.

Saving your gems is extremely important especially at a lower level. If you can continuously destroy obstacles and complete achievements at a lower level to buy builders huts, you will be able to build your base even faster. The more builders huts the better!

Achievements, Do them!

Though a lot of people don’t think achievements are worth the time, i am here to tell you that they are extremely important. By doing achievements you can save up hundreds of gems every day, sometimes even more. For example, There is a single achievement that is worth 450 gems just to reach 1,250 trophies. That is nearly enough to buy your third builders hut! Just look through each achievement and make goals for yourself of what achievement you are close to and think you can get in a relatively short amount of time. For more information on achievements and how many gems they grant upon completetion, look here.

Goblins Do Work

At lower trophy levels, goblins can be used to go through bases quickly and efficiently for just their resources. The lower your trophies, the easier the bases will be. Therefore, if you have mass amounts of goblins to bombard the enemies base, they often cant do anything about it, seeing as there will be too many goblins to kill. The loot will be less at these lower trophy and town hall levels, but goblins train very fast and they are extremely cheap compared to other troops, so you will still find yourself gaining a lot of gold/elixer.

Heres a video of someone using goblins: