Buy Last Shelter Survival Farm Accounts

Our accounts are hand made to be plug and play farm accounts and also work instantly with the Last Shelter Survival Bot.

Base Level 6 LSS Accounts

Base Level 10 LSS Accounts

Base Level 15 LSS Accounts

Why buy Last Shelter Survival farm accounts?

The hard part of a LSS farm account is leveling it up to level 6 or to level 10. Level 10 is the idea level for your farm account, but when making multiple accounts this task is long and tedious. Buying LSS accounts allows you to bypass the hard part of creating a farm in LSS.

After acquiring your accounts and getting them leveled up you are ready to start your farm. Obviously the more accounts, the better, but you can only do so much as a a single person. In order to maximize your farm, I suggest using the Last Shelter Survival Bot  because it is specifically made for farm accounts and can run an unlimited number of accounts 24/7.

If that’s not your speed, that’s all good – these accounts will still save you a very large amount of time.

LSS account farming tips!

If you don’t want to use the Last Shelter Survival Bot , there are some tips that will help you utilize your LSS accounts to the fullest.

It’s important that you work on leveling your embassy, power plant, bank, shooting range, garrison hall, farm, lumber mill and hospital. You want to focus on leveling up your iron resource plots, banks and houses. When your accounts are leveled to base level 10 you are ready to farm, just set your account to raider!

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High Quality Accounts

Start you bot farm instantly! Our LSS accounts are the highest quality possible. Accounts are created using quality gmail accounts. We manually train on each LSS account to level them up to level 6. We even configure the settings for maximum performance with the bot.

Fast Delivery

We can deliver your LSS accounts as fast as 24 hours! (Longer for higher level accounts) This is impressive as we take the time to manually create and train each account. Our large team is always ready to make accounts at a moments notice, and even tries to create a stockpile for instant delivery when possible.