Clash of Clans Bot

ClashBot is the number one Clash of Clans bot.

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Superior Raiding & Resource Farming

Our Clash of Clans bot not only has the ability to search for bases that meat your criteria, but it can attack with force to maximize your resources! The bot will strategically deploy your troops according to the specific attacking strategy you choose.

Automatic Building and Wall Upgrades

With all the extra loot you will be gaining with BoostBot, you will need somewhere to spend it! Fly through building an wall upgrades by allowing the bot to do it for you!


We understand your desire to bot safely. That is why we go through extra precautions to add Anti-ban to ensure the bot performs in a manner that keeps your account safe. This seems to be working because BoostBot has never caused a ban!

Complete Control

We give you the ability to configure the bot to run exactly to your specifications. Every feature has configurable settings that allow you to be in control at all times!

Dead Base Targeting

We allow you to filter Clash of Clans bases and only attack those where all of the resources are in the collectors (dead base). This means the loot is on the outside and not defended, and the bot can collect it all with ease.

Real Time Feedback

The bot is doing a lot, and it’s hard to keep up! Our Clash of Clans bot features a detailed log that shows what the bot is doing every step of the way as well as in-depth statistics that show every last one of the accomplishments of the bot.