Exploring Additional Settings and Configurations in BoostBot

Dive into the array of settings BoostBot offers to enhance your experience.

Settings Tab

Navigate to the “Settings” tab within BoostBot to access these options.

General Settings

  • Emulator Selection: Choose the emulator BoostBot should utilize.
  • Emulator Startup Query: If enabled and multiple emulators are linked to a bot instance, BoostBot will ask which emulator to launch first upon hitting the play button.
  • Resume Last Account: BoostBot will log into the last used account. This feature is compatible with games supporting account switching method #2 (refer to the account switching guide). Use the above option for method #1.
  • Game Installation and Updates: BoostBot will automatically install or update the game to ensure compatibility with the supported version.
  • Game Restart on Initial Launch: To counter emulator glitches, this option restarts the game when a bot instance is first started.
  • Conditional Check Frequency: This setting adjusts the interval at which BoostBot checks if an action’s condition has been met, ranging from 25 to 1000 milliseconds. This can speed up or slow down the bot’s operations.

Interface Customization

  • Bot Theme: Alter the visual theme of the bot’s interface.
  • Automatic Bot Updates: BoostBot will auto-update and attempt to restart previously running instances upon detecting a new update. This feature may not always function as expected.
  • Automatic Sign-In: Enables auto-login to your BoostBot account each time the bot is launched.
  • Skip Bot Updates: Prevents the bot from checking for updates when the main bot file is run. Updates will still occur through the launcher.
  • Emulator Closure on Stop: Shuts down all emulators associated with a bot instance when it’s stopped.
  • Emulator Closure on Bot Shutdown: Closes all active emulators upon exiting BoostBot.
  • Auto-Save Bot Configurations: Automatically saves bot instance settings without prompting for confirmation.
  • On-Screen Messages: Displays warning and error messages directly over the emulator on your main monitor.


Solvers perform additional checks in each bot loop before executing scripts. Tweaking these settings can impact performance and potentially cause issues, so proceed with caution and test after adjustments.

Tools for Management

  1. Create Backup: Generates a complete backup of your BoostBot settings.
  2. Restore Backup: Reinstates BoostBot settings from a chosen backup file.

Individual Bot Instance Settings

These settings, found in each bot instance’s configuration under “My Bots” -> cog icon -> “Other Settings”, specifically impact the selected bot instance.

  • Operational Hours: Configures the bot to run only between specified times, taking breaks as programmed.
  • Break After Scripts: Dictates break times after script completions, whether after all scripts for one account, all accounts, or following script timeouts, failures, or completions.
  • Conditional Timeout Adjustments: Customizes timeout values for entering bases or opening maps, useful for laggy servers or slower computers. Refer to “General” -> “Conditional Check Delay” for more details.
  • Instance Stoppage: Halts the bot instance and shuts down linked emulators after a full operational cycle.
  • Cooldown Ignorance: Overrides all cooldown settings, allowing the bot to skip waiting periods for tasks typically restricted to daily completions.