This guide is primarily for Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) and Call of Dragons (CoD) players, as the likelihood of facing bans in other games supported by BoostBot is minimal.

BoostBot operates discreetly, employing image recognition and mimicking human player interactions. However, bans can still occur due to atypical gaming patterns or reports from other players. For instance, it’s unrealistic for any player to engage in non-stop gaming without breaks. The key to safer botting, particularly in RoK and CoD, involves experimentation and implementing certain precautions to minimize ban risks.

  • Diversify script settings across accounts to vary the bot’s activity.
  • Engage in minimal in-game purchases.
  • Avoid discussing bot usage in-game.
  • Utilize cooldown features to space out activities.
  • Configure distinct settings and sequence variations for different accounts.
  • Refrain from botting on your primary account.
  • Distribute gameplay across multiple accounts to limit activity time per account.
  • Implement break schedules to reduce continuous in-game activity.
  • Balance the number of active accounts with their respective activity durations.
  • Vary your base layouts.
  • Avoid excessive resource transfers to a single account from multiple sources.
  • Ensure your farm accounts have unique names.
  • Avoid grouping your bases too closely.
  • Shuffle the order of script execution.

Although bans are rare, these guidelines serve as best practices for not only RoK and CoD but other games as well. Remember, if an account is banned, it’s possible to create new ones, as BoostBot supports unlimited account botting.