Start BoostBot without having Java 17 installed
C:\Users\REPLACE\AppData\Local\boostbot\runtime\bin\java.exe -jar C:\Users\REPLACE\lssbot_5\lssbot5.jar
Start LSS Bot if you’ve got Java 17 installed
java -jar C:\Users\REPLACE\boostbot\boostbot.jar
Start LSS Bot and run bot instances
C:\Users\REPLACE\AppData\Local\boostbot\runtime\bin\java.exe -jar C:\Users\REPLACE\boostbot\boostbot.jar -i 0,3,5
Start LSS Bot, run the first instance in debug mode
C:\Users\REPLACE\AppData\Local\lssbot\runtime\bin\java.exe -jar C:\Users\REPLACE\boostbot\boostbot.jar -i 0 -d

Available Parameters

-iComma separated list of bot instance indexesStarts the selected bot instances
-dNoneDEBUG level logging will be displayed in the logs tab
-devNoneEnables the development mode, only local scripts will be parsed
-serverEUROPE, USASwitches between the US and EU file servers