Essential Prerequisites

  1. The game’s language settings need to be configured to English.
  2. Completion of the in-game tutorial is necessary. This is particularly important for tutorials that unlock essential game features or remove restrictions on game interactions. Typically, this corresponds to reaching level 4-6 in most games.
  3. Requirements specific to each script. Practically speaking, certain actions like troop training necessitate the prior construction of relevant buildings.

For some games, there’s a “Account Configuration” script available. When activated, this script runs first, and the bot will try to adjust the game’s settings on your behalf.

Rise of Kingdoms, Call of Dragons, Primitive Era

In order for the bot to interact with the buildings it must know where approximately to find them. We have a tool that will make the setup easy.

  1. Re-enter your base (open the map and press the return to base button).
    *Primitive Era Only* – You can also zoom your camera out to get a larger screen view, you’ll later on have to tick a checkbox in the script settings to tell the bot whether your building layout was zoomed out or had the default view.
  2. In the bot’s “Building Layout” tab press the “Refresh screenshot with live emulator image” button.
  3. The bot will update the window with a screenshot of your base.
  4. In the left corner select “Building Slot #”.
  5. Click on the screenshot in the same window to assign a building to that slot.
  6. Repeat for all the buildings that you want the bot to use.
  7. In the bottom part of this window enter a file name and press the “Save layout to file” button.
  8. Re-open this menu and your layout file will now appear in the “Scripts” tab in the “Building Layout” script.
  9. Enable the “Building Layout” script and select the building layout file you want the bot to use on an account.
  10. If there’s a “Building slot” option in any of the script settings simply enter the slot number that you’ve assigned.