BoostBot is capable of managing several accounts at once by operating multiple instances. Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1 – Setting Up Emulator Instances

Start by creating new emulator instances either through your emulator’s MultiManager (MultiPlayer) function or directly within BoostBot. For efficiency, consider cloning existing emulators, which will copy over all games and settings to the new instances. Refer to the provided screenshots for visual guidance.

Step 2 – Configuring BoostBot Instances

Proceed to create BoostBot instances under the “My Bots” section. Ensure each BoostBot instance is linked to at least one emulator.

Customize each BoostBot instance by clicking the “Cog” icon adjacent to the instance. Here, you can select games and adjust settings for the linked emulators.

Step 3 – Launching BoostBot Instances

With everything set up, initiate all BoostBot instances by clicking the “Play” button next to each one.

For smooth operation, it’s advisable to allow each instance to fully launch before starting the next one to prevent potential conflicts or errors.