Common Issues and Solutions

Uninstall BoostBot from your computer by going to (Control Panel -> Apps -> Uninstall)

Redownload the BoostBot launcher from the website. Please make sure that the program and none of it’s processes are running when reinstalling (you can restart your PC to make sure).

  • Ensure you are using Windows 10 or 11
  • Change your Windows language to English
  • Check your Windows path (username) and ensure it only contains English letters. If your username has non-english letters, install the bot on a new Windows user.
  • Delete your BoostBot folder and run the program again

Usually this indicates that the download did not finish correctly. Delete the following folder: C:/Users/ REPLACE-THIS-WITH-YOUR-USER-PATH/lssbot_5/ folder and run the program again.

This may happen if your download did not complete. Please delete the folder:
C:/Users/ [INSERT YOUR USER PATH]/boostbot/ and run the program again.

  • Check that your in-game account meets the requirement. (Displayed when selecting the game)
  • Check to make sure the in game tutorials have been completed.
  • Check the logs to see whether the bot is printing errors, warnings, or saying what it’s trying to do.
  • Make sure you’re using Windows 10+ and that your username (path) contains only English charachters.

These errors indicate that the connection between the bot and the emulator is broken. If you’re using LD Player, the error will often pop up when your resource usage spikes (eg CPU 100%). The emulator will then kill the connection completely. The bot will normally restart the emulator, so that the emulator re-opens the connection and reconnect to it. If it fails to, simply restart the bot and emulator to solve the problem.

To avoid getting these errors:

1) Run a reasonable amount of bots simultaneously (multi instances). The amount you can run depends on your emulator settings and your computer specifications. Monitor the resource usage and optimize the emulators.

2) Do not run different emulators at the same time. For example LD Player and MEmu.

3) Do not run programs that use ADB when botting.

4) Use a stable emulator (the list of supported emulators and the statuses can be found in the program).

5) Make sure that no other 3rd party software, such as antivirus or firewall is preventing the emulator from functioning normally.

If your problem is hardware related (not enough resources) you can try to optimize your emulator instances or upgrade your hardware.

This message suggests there might be an issue with the emulator setup, a malfunction, or a disconnection between the bot and the emulator. It’s possible you’ve also installed an incorrect version of the emulator.

Ensure you’ve chosen the right emulator in the “Settings” section of your bot. After selecting, save the changes and restart the application to confirm the setup.

Should the problem continue, attempt to terminate any running emulator processes through the task manager, and then utilize the “Emulator configuration tool” found under the “My Bots” tab by clicking on the “Fix emulators” option. For MEmu users, it’s essential to close all MEmu processes to prevent automatic reversions of your settings.

For those using LD Player, you can adjust each emulator’s settings manually by navigating to “Other settings,” then “ADB Debugging,” and finally “Open local connection.”

If the issue lies with the emulator instance being corrupt, simply initiate a new instance and apply the “Emulator configuration tool” mentioned earlier to resolve the issue.

Occasionally, the problem might stem from external software, such as security programs interfering with the emulator or other applications occupying the ports required for the emulator’s connections.

The bot is compatible with various emulators, and the optimal choice can vary depending on your computer. Currently, LD Player 5 x32 is known to be the most reliable option based on our experience. If you encounter issues related to the emulator, consider switching to a different one to see if that resolves the problems.

The error may appear due to a connectivity issue between your device and the login server. To address this, ensure your internet connection is stable. The problem might stem from a blacklisted IP or a complete lack of internet connectivity. Consider verifying the following aspects:

  • Faulty VPN connection.
  • Ineffective Proxy settings.
  • Compromised IP, potentially blacklisted by various services, often occurring with dynamic IPs.
  • Device set to Airplane mode.
  • Absence of internet access.
  • DNS configuration issues. Opting for Google DNS could be a solution.

In some instances, simply waiting for a short period and attempting again may rectify the issue.

This error suggests that the server’s bot prevention system has detected unusual activity from your end, leading to a captcha being activated in the background. If you have a dynamic IP, consider changing it by rebooting your router. For VPN users, either disabling or restarting the VPN might help resolve the issue.

Encountering this error typically means that another application on your computer is utilizing port 12345, which is also required for the bot’s connection to the emulator. To rectify this issue, you need to identify and close the application that’s occupying the port.

To determine which application is using the port, enter the following command in the Command Prompt (CMD):

netstat -ano | find “12345”

This command will reveal any active TCP connections on port 12345 in the Command Prompt (refer to the provided screenshot). The number appearing on the far right represents the process ID of the application. You can use this process ID to locate the name of the application either in the Windows Task Manager or by executing the following command in CMD:

tasklist /svc /FI “PID eq 20496”

Remember to replace the process ID in the command with the actual ID you found.

This issue is a recognized glitch with LD Player, but there’s a practical workaround available. Adjust the permissions of the emulator’s configuration file to read-only. For instance: