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  • BoostBot Cloud Bot Server

    Bot Server

    $99.00 / month

    For Android, iOS, PC, and Mac!

    You will receive login access to a dedicated server that is setup and ready to run the bot of your choice.

    • Server supports up to 3 emulator instances at once
    • Server supports up to 60 accounts (20 per emulator).
    Time Length Cost per Month Savings per Year
    1 Year $79/month $240
    6 Months $89/month $120
    1 Month $99/month $0
  • Farm for Me Service

    $8.00 - $12.00 / month

    This is a service where our botting experts run the bot on your account for you. We run it on our own 24/7 uptime server and your account will cycle every 1-2 hours. If you want no cycling, we recommend the bot server.

    You must provide the account(s), or buy some from us.

    Please join the Discord and start a support ticket after you order. We will need to receive account information before we can get started.

    We will bot on 1 account per “Farm for Me” service purchased. 
    For example: If you wish for us to farm for you on five accounts, increase the quantity to “5”. We have quantity based discounts explained on the table below.

    The Price on the Table Below is Per Account.