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Our accounts are made to work instantly with the King of Avalon Bot

5 Level 5 KOA Accounts

$8 Per Account
5 Bot Ready Accounts Included

10 Level 6 KOA Accounts

$7 Per Account
10 Bot Ready Accounts Included

20 Level 6 KOA Accounts

$6 Per Account
20 Bot Ready Accounts Included

5 Level 10 LSS Accounts

$30 Per Account
5 Bot Ready Accounts Included

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Click this box to join our Discord chat and discuss your delivery with our staff members and other satisfied customers. Find our what package is better for you. We are happy to help you with your order and order status or answer any questions you may have.

High Quality Accounts

Start you bot farm instantly! Our King of Avalon accounts are the highest quality possible. Accounts are created using quality gmail accounts. We manually train on each King of Avalon account to level them up to level 6. We even configure the settings for maximum performance with the bot.

Fast Delivery

We can deliver your King of Avalon accounts in 24 hours! This is impressive as we take the time to manually create and train each account. Our large team is always ready to make accounts at a moments notice, and even tries to create a stockpile for instant delivery when possible.